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    Enhancement request/Best Practice

      Hi all,


      We've added a status of "waiting for info" to our Trackit db.  That could be waiting for a part to come in, a vendor to quote something, etc., but is usually feedback from user.  The request for feedback is sent to users by the internal email function inside the workorder.  Is there a way for Mail Monitor to see when a response comes back on that ticket number and change status from "waiting for info" to "open"? We get so many emails in that sometimes they get overlooked and the ticket sits in pending status.


      Thanks, Katie

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          Brad McClave

          We had a similar issue in our company just recently.  What we do is use the color coding of tickets to highlight when the mail monitor is the last 'technician' to modify the ticket.  This will make the ticket stand out so you can see it needs attention right away.


          Just right click anywhere in your grid and choose Customize (CTRL-Shift-C).  Choose the format tab, then click add.  This is how ours is setup:


          You can also publish this to be a selectable public view.  Select the drop down next to Current view at the top of your grid and choose manage views.  Select the view you just created and choose Publish.  Hope that helps.


          Edit: You could also further this by sorting your work orders byt status so that all work orders with "waiting for info" as the status are grouped together.

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            Interesting strategy; the only downside I see to it is that I’ve found that the formatting rules often disappear if the view gets modified.  For example, if you filter just to look at requests from Bill Smith, an asterisk appears to indicate the view is modified, and the formatting doesn’t follow.  You can abandon changes to view, of course, but again you run the risk of having things in normal formatting that you want to stand out.


            I took a similar approach which is to change the formatting of my inbound mail so that if an email said something along the lines of “re: input needed” it shows up big & red in my inbox…

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              Brad McClave

              That's strange.  I've never had the color coding disappear on me even when changing my grid view.  I'm at a loss as to why that is happening to you.

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                Hey, that works!  Though my “modified by” field the value is “MailMonitor-HELPDESK”.  Weirdly enough at the same time my outlook formatting stopped working!  I guess you can have or the other but not both