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    DMT error 132 Invalid Product Catalog on all records form 04 PCT:Product Model/Version

      I was having the same issue on form 01:PCT:ProductCatalog until I removed the information in the columns Product Name and Manufacturer.  That is when form 01 validated with out errors.  On form 04. I removed the information from the Model/Version column to ensure that this was not an issue.  I am only using one manufacturer at this time and it has been verified, no spaces, no Caps where they don't belong....  I have also changed any column that BMC gave the option to put a number or word(s) in a field, I have changed them all to numbers to ensure that this is not an issue. Filters FND: ValidatCIType_211SetError, FND:ValidateCType_210_SetKeyword, and FND:SHR:SetCotSchemaKeyword_750 are all enabled at this time.  This is the last form I need to validate.  This is a new machine, new load, windows and SQL 2008 R2.  ITSM Suite loaded by using the ITSM Stack Installer 7.6.04 SP3.  DMT Client loaded after.  7.6.04 SP2