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    Tracking Cell phones in inventory

      We would like to find a way to track all the "technology" a user has utilizing Track-it Inventory.  This would include Cell Phones, Cell Cards, tablets and other mobile devices in addition to computers or laptops.   We have a spreadsheet of current cellular devices that includes user ID, username, phone number, type, make, model, carrier, SIM card, IEME/ESN, date purchased, date activated, contract start date, contract length, etc.  We would like to incorporate this info into Trackit Inventory so that we can run a report on a user and get a listing of all technology assigned to them.   We would also like to search on the fields within the phone (ie, search for a phone number, or SIM card) in order to locate which user has that device.


      How do other people track these types of items?


      If I create new asset, many of the fields I need for a phone are not available in the general asset form.  If I utilized "tracked Items" and add a new tracked item for each phone, then those fields are not searchible from within Trackt, thus making it difficult for our technicians to find a device.


      Also, our users trade out devices very often, so one user who is ruff on their equipment may go thru multiple laptops in a year, therefore we wanted to avoid tieing a tracked cell phone to a workstation.  Having tracked items tied to a workstation would require manual transfers of all the tracked items each time a device is swapped out by our our technicians and this is too much manual administration for our techs.


      Looking for some best practice techniques for handling inventory.

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          Cris Coffey

          The best way I have seen is to create custom Phone and Tablet types under the "Other" asset type lookup and creating Assets for each mobile device. Those Assets can be assigned to a user so you have their name and information linked. Then within the Asset, you can use the default fields for Name, Description, Manufacturer, Model, IP, Mac and Serial number information for the device, create vendors like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc. under the Networks lookup, then rename the other user defined fields on the Manage tab to hold the other pieces of data like phone number, sim card, contract details and IEME/ESN values.


          Another option is to store items like purchase date, contract start and end dates, length of contract and carrier, in a tracked item. That way you could add additional tracked items when a contract is renewed and keep historical records of the contracts that phone has had. Below is a screen shot of a demo version of Track-It! set up to handle a mobile phone asset using the first example from above. Hope this helps.


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            I have a similar interest in doing this, and I have a related question.


            My requirements are similar to the OP's question. I have set up an asset type as described above. No problem there.


            My question is: how can I bulk load asset information. (without breaking any sequences or keys in trackit?).


            Assuming I can insert to workstat table and meet all of the mandatory data requirements. What else do I need to update to avoid conflicts or data corruption? So far I can only find one sequnce value, located in the  TI_IdGenerator] table.


            Is the following query all I need?:


            UPDATE  [TI_IdGenerator]

            SET [NextIdValue] = {my next sequential value}

            WHERE [TableName] = 'WORKSTAT.WS_NUM'


            Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.





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              Chris McLane

              Hi Peter,


              Although importing data directly into the Track-It! tables is generally discouraged due to the possibility of importing the data incorrectly, assuming you have done it properly and met all of the mandatory data requirements as you mentioned, I do believe the only thing you would have to do is run the query you posted to update the TI_IDGenerator table's WORKSTAT.WS_NUM value to be a number at least equal to the highest WS_NUM in the table (excluding the Unassigned Equipment record: WS_NUM 999999).

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                Hi Chris


                Thanks for your reply. Yes, I understand why vendors discourage this type of action.  It's not the sort of thing any customer likes to do either, but as Trackit doesn't have a utility for bulk loading inventory, I don't see I have any other realistic/feasible alternative.


                I'm sure the addtion of a bulk loading tool would be appreciated by many customers.





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                  Hi All


                  Just an update.


                  I finally managed to bulk insert the data into trackit successfully... but it was a bumpy ride.


                  I inserted the data into [WORKSTAT] and updated the sequence. (all good so far). The data appeared correctly in the trackit interface, However when I clicked save it overwrites the data and sets it back to blank.


                  This reason for this is that trackit stored data in 2 places.  [WORKSTAT] and "sticky fields' in a table called [WORKSTATION_COMPONENTS].


                  To overcome this, I opened and closed each inventory item. The opening and saving each record poulates the [WORKSTATION_COMPONENTS] table. I then updated the relevant records in the [WORKSTATION_COMPONENTS] table.


                  It was a bit painful but I got there in the end.


                  My advice to others. It's doable, but if you're not confident with SQL, I suggest you give this a miss.

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                    This is an ongoing requirement for me so I'm going to open a new thread to discuss this.