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    Customization in IDM

      I need to customize a filed in IDM :




      when we enter the 1st name and last name to create a new account, it should auto popoulate the Account Name to be "1st Name Last Name".

      Please let us know how it can be done.....


      Thanks in Advance.


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          H Rakesh,


          The easiest way to do it is to follow IDM design - First and Last Name will be a Person fields (along to another HR values will be used in provisioning) and each time you wish to create an account (on AD or an any other system), you simply use template facility to calculate any attribute of account, including Account Name - in your case just to concatenate 2 fields of Person into 1 field of account - read ESS Console User Guide for templates explanations.

          Another way will be to use background logic like exit 6 to create an account - read about exits in ESS User Exits manual - it basically means the same idea as template, but with another programming tools like TCL, Perl, etc, which also can be used in template logic if needed.

          If you don't like such options above and from some reason insists to provide First/last name attributes values on Account record, but then to have it constructed into Account Name of the same record - you seems have to use client side logic (if your client is ESS Console - it will be exit 1, if its internet browser - VBS/JS) so you can fill this field before you submit your account creation request or - it also can be a trick in exit 9, but I'm not going to offer this before you refuse all the rest...


          Hope it helps...



          Leonid (B.)