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    RSCD Agent Installation.

      I am trying to install RSCD agent on Windows boxes and for some servers, The port 4750 isnt communicating with App server, even i cannot telnet the port,  I install the RSCD agent on that server directly thinking port might communicate once service starts on the server, however no success, I checked the firewall, and there is no issue, can anyone help? is there any dependency for the service to get started apart from RSCD agent?

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          Bill Robinson

          When you start the agent, what is in the rscd.log and rscdsvc.log?

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            I checked on server, however i could not found the RSCD service in services.msc after installation of agent. so i think the service is not working the server

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              Bill Robinson

              That sounds like the install did not complete correctly.  is there a windows\temp\RSCD_Install.log ?

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                windows\temp\RSCD_Install.log not found





                Below is the log4crc found in the Rsc folder





                <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

                <!DOCTYPE log4c SYSTEM "">



                <log4c version="1.1.0">



                          <!-- root category ========================================= -->

                          <category name="root" priority="info"/>

                          <category name="rscd" priority="info1" appender="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/rscd.log" debugappender="stderr"/>

                          <!-- category name="keystroke" priority="info1" appender="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/keystroke.log"/-->

                          <category name="rscdsvc" priority="info" appender="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/rscdsvc.log" debugappender="stderr"/>



                          <!-- <category name="blcoserver" priority="info" appender="C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BladeLogic\8.0\RSCD\blcoserver.log" debugappender="stderr"/> -->



                          <category name="bldeploy" priority="debug"/>

                          <category name="bldeployConsole" priority="debug" appender="stdout"/>

                          <category name="bldeployAppserver" priority="error" appender="blbasic"/>



                          <category name="appserver" priority="info" appender="/tmp/appserver.log"/>



                          <!-- default appenders ===================================== -->

                          <appender name="stdout" type="stream" layout="basic"/>

                          <appender name="stderr" type="stream" layout="basic"/>

                          <appender name="syslog" type="syslog" layout="basic"/>

                          <appender name="/tmp/bllog" type="stream" layout="dated"/>

                          <appender name="/tmp/appserver.log" type="stream" layout="dated"/>

                          <appender name="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/rscd.log" type="rollfile" rollsize="10000000" rolltimeinsec="2419200" rollmaxfiles="10" layout="dated"/>

                          <appender name="/tmp/blcoserver.log" type="rollfile" rollsize="10000000" rolltimeinsec="2419200" rollmaxfiles="10" layout="dated"/>

                          <!-- appender name="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/rscd.log" type="digisign" rollsize="10000000" rolltimeinsec="2419200" rollmaxfiles="10" layout="dated" certfile="C:/WINDOWS/rsc/certificate.pem" privatekeyfile="C:/WINDOWS/rsc/certificate.pem"/-->

                          <!-- appender name="C:/Program Files/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.0/RSCD/keystroke.log" type="encrypt" rollsize="10000000" rolltimeinsec="2419200" rollmaxfiles="10" layout="rawtime" certfile="C:/WINDOWS/rsc/certificate.pem" privatekeyfile="C:/WINDOWS/rsc/certificate.pem"/-->

                          <appender name="/tmp/rscdsvc.log" type="rollfile" rollsize="10000000" rolltimeinsec="2419200" rollmaxfiles="10" layout="dated"/>



                          <!-- default layouts ======================================= -->

                          <layout name="basic" type="basic"/>

                          <layout name="dated" type="dated"/>

                          <layout name="rawtime" type="rawtime"/>


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                  This looks like an incomplete installation of rscd. You may want to install the rscd again. Do you have a rscd.log in the installation directory? the default is c:\program files\BMC Software\RSCD

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                    First check the installation part, once done try to run the nexec -e telnet "server" 4750  from your NSH or app servers. Make sure rscd agent services are running fine and agent is communicating with app servers by running agent info .

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                      Reinstall did work for me, Thanks, what could be the possible reason for the failure of local windows installer  through Bulk installer? i was able to copy sucessfully but not install.

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                        Bill Robinson

                        was there anything in the bulk installer logs?  did the BI indicate that the agent install was a success on this system?

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                          It indicates the sucessfull copy but the installer was failed

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                            Bill Robinson

                            but did it indicate a successful install?  the copy is just the copy of the rscd.exe to the target.

                            • 11. RSCD Agent Installation.

                              no just the copy was successful not the install. I am using windows copier and windows local installer options, Does windows local installer requires any specific port to communicate with Targets?

                              • 12. RSCD Agent Installation.

                                2012-04-03|11:39:53] Starting agent install routines

                                [2012-04-03|11:39:53] Checking agent status on

                                [2012-04-03|11:39:53] Agent installer selected :agentinstaller2

                                [2012-04-03|11:39:53] RSC File selected :rsc2

                                [2012-04-03|11:39:53] Attempting copier Windows Local Copier with password set: password2


                                [2012-04-03|11:39:53] Attempting to copy agent installer "agentinstaller2" over SMB


                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Successfully copied "RSCD800-1016-W32.EXE" to the temporary directory on   ""

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Attempting to copy Silent Installer over SMB


                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Successfully copied "rscd_Install80.iss" to the temporary directory on   ""

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Attempting to copy RSC Files over SMB

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Attempting installer Windows Local Installer with password set: password2




                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] PsExec v1.98 - Execute processes remotelyCopyright (C) 2001-2010 Mark RussinovichSysinternals - www.sysinternals.comThe handle is invalid.Connecting to't access to

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] ExitValue = 6

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] PsExec Command has failed with exit value - 6

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Agent install process with PsExec has failed

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:58] Cleaning temporary files on:

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:59] Could not clean temporary files on: User is requested to clean temporary files manually...

                                [2012-04-03|11:46:59] No installers were successful. Exiting...

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                                  I think this is a problem with the psexec itself. Did you reinstall using BI or a manual install?


                                  1) The installer may have failed.  To verify this check the setup.log on the target located in the directory the installer is copied to.  If the "ResultCode" line is anything but 0, the install failed to run.   Additionaly, the following link is for a list of the possible result codes in the setup.log. http://www.appdeploy.com/tips/detail.asp?id=20


                                  This is the latest version of psexec, so the version mismatch shouldnt be a problem.

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                                    Installation failed through Bulk Installer so i installed manually, But i have list of servers, so wanted bulk installer to work

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