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    Provisioning multi-nic server issue.

      Hello all,


           Does anyone observed the Multi-Nic issue in provisioning in Bladelogic 8.1. I am trying to do Bare metal Provisioning on Physical Box which is having multiple NICs connected and Enabled. Whne DHCP IP is assigned to first NIC, Provisioning Job is looking for DHCP connection for second NIC and goes into infinite loop. Job get stuck.

           This works fine if I disable the NICs except the one which is connected to DHCP. I expect is, Once the DHCP IP assigned to first NIC provisioning Job should not look for next enabled NIC. Provisioning should complete with first NIC.

      I have tried provisioning on DELL, HP, IBM hardware I am facing same issue.


      I have gone through this discussion - https://communities.bmc.com/communities/thread/37187?start=0&tstart=0


      According to this we can achieve this by editing mkgen2img.sh  script or writing extraConfig.sh

      Is there any other way introduced in BL8.1? does anyone have observed this recently ?




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          What SP level of 8.1 are you at ?

          Can you attached  a log/screenshot, at what stage this is hanging/gets stuck ?

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            Hi Rohit,


            I am at BL 8.1 SP2,


            In my first post there was some misscommunication by me, I am getting this error at first boot. Consider below steps.


            1. I have set Gentoo 64bit Image as my default boot image

            2. When I reboot my target server it is booting using Gentoo.

            3. IP is assigned to First NIC.

            4. My second NIC is enabled but it is not connected with any cable (to any Network).


            My first NIC is getting IP successfully and showing Link state=yes


            Error at target server console for eth1 is as below,


            Configuring Interface eth1

                 Waiting for interface eth1


            Link state=No

            link not detected for interface eth1

            -bash: return : -1: invalid option

            return: usage: return [n]

            Trying to acqiure an IP for eth1_


            If I disable the sedcond NIC it works fine, Is there any OOB functionality to avoid this. I dont want any customization at this point of time.





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              Hi Omkar,


              There was an issue resolved in 8.1 SP2 that addressed provisioning issues with multiple NIC on the target, however you say that you are already on SP2.


              The fix is actually in the provisioning files released by SP2 and you must ensure you use that to create the new boot image.  Did you do this or are you maybe using a boot image created with an earlier service pack.

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                Yes, as Scott suggested, a fix has been done on the WinPE side in SP2,

                Your error looks different, but can be related,

                Look at this techincal bulletin,


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                  Oh was it WinPE only... Ok thanks Rohit

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                    Thanks guys for reply,


                         But the fact is I have Win PE image which I have created and works perfectly fine. But I wanted to have my Gentoo image as a boot image. While creating gentoo image my team had some issues and they open case with BMC support. we have got gentoo from BMC support so I am not aware whether it is created using 8.1 SP2 or earlier version of BBSA.

                         I think I should try to craete new gentoo image and check with it. This may solve my issue as we are already using 8.1 SP2.




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                      Hello guys,


                      I successfully created gentoo image, but now I am facing some other issue. Target server is booting perfectly using new gentoo image and not getting NIC issue. I am facing DHCPACK response issue.

                      I checked below thread but no luck.



                      Trying to get KB article 20011878 from BMC. meanwhile anyone have any idea why this happens ?




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                        Remeber, this is just a workaround suggested in the KB, seems like you are not getting information from DHCP about the scope options for App server IP and App server port The KB suggested to set environment varibles to get this. See below

                        While provisioning a server, the Gentoo livecd loads okay.
                        However, when bmi is called, the following output is displayed:



                        StartingADAPTER : eth0 : 00-1A-4B-D2-C4-40IP ADDRESS : : Active Finished reading cfg file001A4BD2C440created socketbound socketcreated DHCPDISCOVER send_mesgNumber of bytes sent (D)-1sent DHCPDISCOVER to serverreading DHCPDISCOVER response



                        The last 2 lines repeat indefinitely.


                        - The IP address is shown as taken in the DHCP server management console on the server.
                        - When CTRL+C'ing out of bmi on the target server, ifconfig looks good.
                        - One can also ping the BL app server (which is also the PXE and DHCP server).
                        - The target server is also pingable from the app server.


                        Explanation of the symptoms:

                        The client either didn't get a reply from the DHCP server, or it errored in parsing the reply.


                        Workaround for resolution:

                        Set two environment variables (BL_AS and BL_AP) to appropriate values for the IP of the application server and the application server port, respectively.


                        The 'bmi' executable will read these variables instead of attempting to retrieve the scope options from the DHCP server.


                        With the most recent version of the provisioning external files you'll need to modify




                        After line "BSHRC=squashfs-root/etc/bash/bashrc" insert the following lines:

                        echo '  export BL_AS=x.x.x.x' >> $BSHRCecho '  export BL_AP=9831' >> $BSHRC



                        Set BL_AS and BL_AP to the IP of the appserver and the SSL port (9831 by default), respectively.

                        Use the modified script to re-generate the Gentoo boot image.

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                          Yes Rohit,

                          Same thing is explained in KB. I did same. Now dont have Multi NIC issue.

                          Thanks for help . .