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    Web page not displayed correct via PERFORM-ACTION-OPEN-URL

    Karl Halleni

      AR-System 1 use MidTier 7.5 patch 004

      AR-System 2 use MidTier 7.0.01 patch 008



      In AR-System 1 there is an Active Link with the Run Process action PERFORM-ACTION-OPEN-URL that launch a URL to a form in AR-System 2.


      - When User Tool is used to launch the URL the URL is opened in the web browser, after login to the AR-System the form and the search result is displayed correctly.

      - When web clients is used to lauch the URL the URL is opened in either a new browser tab or a new browser window (depending on browser config), after login to the AR-System the web page becomes completely blank. Hit Refresh (F5) and nothing happens. Copy the URL to a new tab and it will load just fine. Close the tab opened just before this new tab and refresh, then it will load just fine.


      If I login to the AR-System 1 using the web client, copy the URL in the active link, open a new browser tab and paste the URL, the URL will load, after login to the AR-System 2 the form and the search result is displayed correctly.


      Do you have any idea what could cause this behaviour? It seems when the URL is launched from within MidTier 7.5 008 something I can't see or understand cause the web page to be blank after login on the destination system.


      SSO is not implemented, both systems validate against the AD. Same result with hard coded passwords as well so it shouln't matter.

      Have tried with both IE and Firefox with the same result.


      I've used a MidTier 7.6.04 SP2 against the AR-System 1 and lauched the URL but with the same result.


      When I use MidTier 7.6.04 SP2 against another AR-System running AR-Server 7.6.04 SP2 and run the same Active Link it works fine...


      When IE is used and the blank page is display I'm able to click up this browser message from the status field toolbar in the bottom of IE.


      Message: Access denied.
      Row: 618
      Character: 1
      Code: 0
      URI: http://XXX/arsys/resources/javascript/ClientCore.js


      (the host XXX is the host of MidTier for AR-system 2).


      Many thanks in advance!

      Karl =)