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Unable to add VM into domain post provisioning

Jigar Mehta

Hi All,


I do have following scenario:


  • 10.x.x.x IP Range where my all CLM Machines are located
  • 192..x.x.x IP Range is created for provision VM in BBNA (NOTE: No DHCP Server installed on this IP Range)
  • We have firewall in place and that allowed routing between 10.x.x.x and 192.x.x.x


Now, I am able to get provision VM, able to ping provisioned VM with IP Address from BBSA Server also, User is also getting Add to the provisioned VM but It's not getting add to the domain.


When I go to NSH, I am able to get detail of RSCD agent with IP Address not with Hostname. Unable to ping VM with hostname but with IP Yes, I can....

I can RDP through IP as well but not with hostname.


Checked NSLOOKUP from VM and it does not resolve anything. I have checked KA357659 article in which they have mentinoed following note:


Note: CLM 2.1 will not use the DNS Configuration settings from Virtual Guest Package for template based provisioning


So everytime, we can not do host entry on App server and things getting done. I am looking for the solution of it. Let me know if anyone can find it.