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    Speed up refresh of a Tree Field

    Jakob Haugeneder



      Is there any possibility to speed up a refresh of a Tree field?


      <SQL ><TID: 0000000011> <RPC ID: 0000085477> <Queue:List      > <Client-RPC: 390620   ><USER:mnitsch                                     > /* Fri Mar 23 2012 11:02:39.4759 */SELECTT437.C1,C536870928,C536870927,C536870930,C536870925,C536870915,C536870918 FROMT437 WHERE ((T437.C536870917 = 'NRW') AND (T437.C536870928 = 'Aachen')) ORDERBY 2 ASC,3 ASC,4 ASC,5 ASC,6 ASC,7 ASC, 1 ASC
      <SQL > <TID: 0000000011> <RPC ID: 0000085477> <Queue:List      > <Client-RPC: 390620   ><USER:mnitsch                                     > /* Fri Mar 23 2012 11:02:40.7492 */OK
      <API > <TID: 0000000011> <RPC ID: 0000085477> <Queue:List      > <Client-RPC: 390620   ><USER:mnitsch                                     > /* Fri Mar 23 2012 11:02:51.9260 */-GLEWF           OK

      <ACTL> CheckingET:fmd:TopologyBrowsing_MC_Hubstandort_102_refresh (102)
      <ACTL>     -> Passed qualification -- perform ifactions
      <ACTL>          0: SetCharacteristics
      <ACTL>            For field -- Upgrade (536870914)
      <ACTL>              Change field to visible
      <ACTL>              Refresh field
      <ACTL>              Expand/Collapse field
      <ACTL>          1: Set Characteristics
      <ACTL>            For field -- Non Upgrade (536871021)
      <ACTL>              Change field to hidden
      <ACTL>          2: SetCharacteristics
      <ACTL>            For field -- CMTS (536870925)
      <ACTL>              Change field to hidden
      <ACTL> /* Fr Mrz 23 2012 11:08:18 */



      In the Logfile you can see that the Selecet Statement takes only 12 Seconds, but the Tree Field refrehs takes about 5 minutes...


      Version is Ars 7.1






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          Misi Mladoniczky



          Are you sure about those numbers? The client side timestamp is made using the clock on the client, and might differ if it is out of sync with the server.


          In any event, if it takes a long time, my guess is that your search return a lot of records. How many records does you search return?

          Advanced Search: ('536870917' = "NRW" AND '536870928' = "Aachen")


          If it returns a lot of records (maybe 500+), the only your is to redesign the solution. Mabe by choosing one tier at a time from a set of fields for each level in your tree.


                  Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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            Carl Wilson


            you should think about using the max row settings. 


            Max Rows

            Enter the maximum number of records that can be returned by a search.

            The default is 0, which means that the number of records is unlimited unless the Limit Number of Items Returned user preference is selected.

            NOTE Because users can override the Max Rows setting by selecting Refresh All in BMC Remedy User, also use an appropriate qualification to control the amount of data that can be returned by a search (see step f).

            Alternatively, use chunking to return all records while limiting the number of records displayed at one time. If you enable chunking, this setting is ignored. See the Size of Chunk property in this table.


            • (List view, tree view, cell-based, alert list only) To limit the data that appears in the table, click the ellipsis button to the right of the Qualification field, and use the Expression Editor to create a qualification statement.

            You can use fields from the current form or from the data source form. You can also use keywords. The way qualifications function in table fields is similar to the way that they are used with the Set Fields action.

            The character limit for strings in a qualification is 4K.


            For more information, see the Workflow Objects Guide, "Building qualifications and expressions," page 49.



            Alternately, if using a table field you can limit the number of records returned in the table into "chunks" which you can move forward and backwards through. 


            A couple of things to look at.






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              Unfortunately the Alertist field does not have the Chunk size property.


              Could you pls check it. Or do we have it fixed in a hotfix patch??


              Thank you!