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What is CCM?

Jayesh Bhavsar

Hi All,


I have 3 questions as below:


1. What is CCM?

2. What is CCM Agent?

3. Can CCM Agent be installed in VIO ( IOS )server?


Thanks in Advance


  • 1. What is CCM?
    Matt Laurenceau

    Hi Jay.


    CCM used to mean Change & Configuration Management.

    Such things happen in "BMC Bladelogic". You may want to check the "Marimba for Clients" sub-community (the  CCM acronym was used a lot with this technology)


    Can you please point us to the resource where you've read "CCM"?


    Cheers, Matt

  • 2. What is CCM?
    Matt Laurenceau

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  • 3. What is CCM?
    Jayesh Bhavsar

    Thanks Matt,


    In Our Company,for few Servers we are unable to get the SW Scan through CCM.


    Those servers are IOS. Operation Team is requesting us for CCM Agent that can be installed in IOS server.


    So can you please suggest us the suitable CCM Agent.