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    Problem in Escalation Runif Date is eqal

      Hi ,

      i am  doing  integration   AD   with  Remedy ,for  this   i   wrote  one escalation  which  is   fired  if sAMaccoutname=remedyloginID  and  its   working   fine

      but  i  need  to   put  in  qualification only  those  record should Synch which  are modified  in AD    for   this  requirement  my  logic  is

      i am  taking only  date (20/03/2012) part  from when changed field of AD

      SUBSTRC($whenchange$, 0, STRSTRC( "$whenchange$",  " ") - 1)   and  compare with todays date(20/03/2012) part  only.


      but  problem  is   there is  no  function  in Run if ,how  can  i  put  this   condition for  escalation

        if   whenchange(20/03/2012) =todaysdate(20/03/2012)  then  this  escatiolation  should  fire .

      how  can  i  achive  this