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    Remote host job execution

      Remote AFT execution and job Execution   .


      I have one agent (AIX BOX) sitting out of the network segment, where i need to execute scripts ( job) and i need to transfer the files from that box(AIX) to other box. just wanted to know.


      1. is 22 SSH port is enough for script execution on remote host?


      2. is 22 port is enough for file tranfer from that remote box to other box , where account is managed from CCM, control-M?


      note : control-M is and destination box is on the same network, able to ping to each other, where as source box which is out of ntw segment is not pingable from COntrol-M and destionation box and only 22 port is opend to that source box,


      do we need enable the ping in bi-directional to the control-m , to transfer the file?


      Other way i am thinking about is , defining accoutn on  destionation box to connect to the source box.