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      • 15. Re: Strange Issues with Windows Patch catalogs
        Jim Wilson

        Some additional information about what was addressed by QM001729327:


        Defect Scenario:

        1. Create a win2k3 catalog with older shavlik files
        2. Now update the catalog using the latest shavlik files


        In step 1 a bulletin has superseded information blank which is correct.  But when we update the catalog, supersedence information changed for the bulletin but it is not reflected in the bladelogic.

        Corrected and verified on 8.1.SP3 Patch1 (build

        • 16. Strange Issues with Windows Patch catalogs
          Jim Wilson

          There are two similar but separate issues:


          - Bulletin metadata update not showing in catalog 

          QM001729327 - addressed in 8.1 SP3 Patch 1 - see my other posting)


          - Partially Superseded Bulletins show as Superseded in the Catalog

          QM001709353. addressed in 8.2.00 (this cannot be back-ported as it requires a modification to the data model)

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