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    Update / Insert Operation operations from C API  prematurely exit with errror - ARERROR: 559

      Hi All,



      Our ARS System get data from external system and we insert / update into ARS System forms with ARS C API methods. We actually get the data in the form of XML blocks and we have C programs to parse the XML and then insert / update ARS Forms using ARS C API methods. In normal, simple case, it works fine. But when I increase the number data <more than 10 rows of xml data> in xml tag block with long string, it fails with error - ARERROR: 559. The long string should not be the issue since, if I provide less number of data <within 10 rows of xml data> in xml tag with same long string, it works fine without any error.


      As per BMC document the error is related to size/ length of data. However, I don't see neither the legth nor size more than available and defined.


      We have recently upgraded the AR System Server from ARS 7.0.01 Patch 10 to ARS 7.6.04 SP2. We have observed an issue after the upgrade.



      Can anyone help with this issue or provide any information related to this error.





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