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      • 15. Re: PXE Issue

        No X86\pxeLinux in tftproot



        Image Files.png

        • 16. Re: PXE Issue
          Bill Robinson

          did you delete all the gentoo images in your image file list? 


          what's on the 'tftp' tab in the ui?

          what's in the tftp.conf and pxe.conf ?

          • 17. PXE Issue

            Deleted all the Image files bar the ones we will use, Just Windows.



            Nothing in the PXE.conf file.




            -- Set this value to "enabled" to turn logging on, or "disabled" to turn it off

            -- log_file is the path to the file where logging information is written to
            -- In the example case, since no directory is specified, the log file is
            -- written to the working directory, which is the directory where
            -- TftpServer.exe lives.
            log_file=C:/Program Files (x86)/BMC Software/BladeLogic/8.1/PXE/br/tftp.log

            -- Set this value to the timeout (in seconds) between packet exchanges. 5
            -- seconds is sufficient for most networks, but if you are going over a
            -- slow link, you might want to bump this up some.

            -- This value specifies how many times to resend a timed out packet.

            -- By default, the tftp server will operate in read only mode. That is,
            -- read requests will be honored but write requests will be rejected.
            -- This is a security feature to prevent people from writing spurious
            -- files to your system.
            -- Set this value to "enabled" to allow write requests to this tftp server.

            -- Although it's seldom necessary, you may also set whether you want
            -- the server to honor read requests.

            -- By default, the tftp server doesn't allow you to overwrite files
            -- that already exist in your tftp server directory. Set this option
            -- to enabled to allow overwrites.

            -- You may further set timeout, retries, and read/write permissions
            -- on a per client basis. In the examples below, any requests coming
            -- from will get a larger timeout period, more retries,
            -- and will only allow write requests, while will
            -- allow 30 retries before giving up.

            • 18. PXE Issue
              Bill Robinson

              in the tftp.conf there should be:

              file_path= ...


              what is that?  and does it match what's in the gui tab?


              can you create the tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux path?  there should be a few files to put into that directory - pxeboot.0, pxelinux.0, pxeboot.msg and pxelinux.err.  those should have been installed w/ the product installer - they may be in your blade install path - PXE\tftproot\X86PC\pxelinux - can you check, otherwise, look in the provisioning-files.zip.


              you should also look in the devices workspace and find the mac you are building  if you don't see it, create a new device smart group where mac does not equal '' (blank/null) and see what the default boot image is set to.

              • 19. PXE Issue




                None of the files mentions above there though. They were there, but i removed them, thinking they were the reason it was trying to boot into Linux and not Windows

                • 20. PXE Issue

                  Will recreate it, used these instructions previously



                  • 21. PXE Issue

                    Found this in




                    # Perform a local boot by default

                    default inst

                    default64 linux64

                    # Always prompt

                    prompt 1

                    # Display the bootup message

                    display pxeboot.msg

                    # Boot automatically after 300 seconds

                    timeout 1

                    label local

                    localboot 0

                    # The rest of this file is machine-generated

                    label linux64

                    kernel boot_2_0_x64\pxeboot.0

                    append initrd=none

                    label inst

                    kernel boot_2_0_x86\pxeboot.0

                    append initrd=none

                    • 22. PXE Issue

                      When Creating a WinPE image using BL GUI, get the following error when ticking the Boot image Target directory


                      TFTP server is not a Managed Server

                      • 23. PXE Issue
                        Bill Robinson

                        that hex file will get automatically created by the pxe process during the target boot.


                        for the winpe image, your tftp server needs to be registered w/ the fqdn or ip as a manged device.


                        you should also refer to this docs:




                        as it's a pretty good walk through of setting up provisioning.  i can't speak for the link you sent... some of it seems out dated and incomplete.

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                        • 24. PXE Issue

                          Progress. Does it always boot PXELinux?



                          • 25. Re: PXE Issue
                            Bill Robinson

                            Yes, and if the box is already built in blade, it will local boot after that.

                            • 26. PXE Issue

                              What does built in Blade mean

                              • 27. Re: PXE Issue
                                Bill Robinson

                                After you provision a server w/ blade, it will change the device state from ‘imported’ to ‘provisioning’, and if the box pxeboots, it will then boot off of the local disk instead of booting into winpe. though it will do the ‘pxelinux’ first to determine it needs to local boot.


                                If you have a box that has an OS and it’s set to pxe boot in the bios, you should manually register the max address w/ blade and set the state to provisioned.  Otherwise if the box reboots, it will pxe boot, then load winpe and sit waiting to be provisioned.

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