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    Review pricing strategy

      We have been using Footprints since the days of Unipress.  We have an educational license with unlimited agent use. We would like to deploy a few mobile users, but the Numara pricing for mobile was based on the number of agents we have defined.  No way we can afford that, so effectively Numara has told us we cannot use mobile.  I would like to know if BMC is going to be more progressive in their thinking about this, and price it by the number of mobile agents, not by the number of total agents.

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          Karen Sunderland

          Just to note that I am interested in this answer as well, as we have the exact same situation. We are grandfathered for an unlimited agent license, and have over 200 named reps. However, we are a college employing many student workers, so we probably have less than 25 concurrent users at any given time. And of those, only about 10 truly need mobile access. Even with discounted pricing for "special circumstances", I was quoted around $16,000 for mobile licensing for those reps (this was a year or two ago). So, we are also looking for a way to implement affordable mobile licensing, even with our unlimited agent license.



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            We have the same situation. From what I've heard, one difficulty is the bundling of Sync into the Mobile feature. Sync is a product that is licensed from a third-party, so Numars needs to pay liceinsing fees to that company, which creates a pricing issue. If they would unbundle Sync and Mobile, it's possible we could get past this issue.


            There's also the concern of being forced to license it for all agents. We have close to 3000 named agents on our unlimited agent license, so you can imagine what our quote was like.

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              As mentioned on todays customer webinar about the Numara acquisition by BMC, the current pricing structure for Numara products has not changed. So however Footprints Mobile was priced previous to the acquisition remains the same after the acquisition.


              Having said that, I have alerted the PM for FootPrints about these posts. She may have a different response as it pertains to roadmap and future plans.


              All I can say is that today, the pricing strucutre for our products remain unchanged.