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    Multiple Services exlusion from monitoring?

    DC Kidson

      Good day All


      We have a customer that has about 350 hosts that are monitored with a patrol agent based setup.


      They require us to exclude some netbackup services from alerting.


      I am aware of how to manually uncheck each service device by device in the Patrol console (KM Commands>> Configure Service Monitoring >> Configure Service)


      I have done a couple of machines unchecking each service they do not want ,but this is extremely tedious.


      Is There no way one can override the alerting for all hosts without going through each machine?


      Any info would be appreciated



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          Garland Smith

          What is the best way to stop monitoring one or more services from a group of PatrolAgents

          without having to go serially to each Agent and running menu picks?

          You can use a single (removedServiceList) ruleset to exclude a set of services from monitoring;

          you can also push this one rule to multiple agents. Here is the exact ruleset example:

          "/PSX__P4WinSrvs/PWK__PKMforMSWinOS_config/ServiceMonitoring/removedServiceList" =

          { REPLACE = "wuauserv,aspnet_state,AppMgmt,BthServ,EventSystem,COMSysApp" }

          You can find more details on this variable at page 115 and 222 of "BMC PATROL for Microsoft Windows Servers Getting Started Guide:






          Garland Smith



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            Roland Pocek

            hi garland,


            additional question regarding this

            is it possible to use wildcards or similar in the config manager variables? what would you do regarding services with build numbers in their name, that do change when a patch is installed or applications are upgraded but i all the time need them excluded from monitoring, any ideas?




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              DC Kidson

              HI Rop


              I also have the exact same issue with some Dot Net framework services with random numbers after each service name.


              I tried using wildcards with no luck.



              I also could not find any documentation regarding their use.


              I ended up populating all the service names exactly in a service list rule.


              Would be awesome if somebody could elaborate on wildcard usage and BMC even recognise them

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                Jonathan Coop

                Did you take a look at the agent exclude filters which are detailed in the

                Patrol Agent reference manual?. These should work with wild cards, as I

                recall. These stop instance being created in Patrol for a given class, if

                prefered you can specify instead an include filter, and specify ONLY which

                instances are allowed to be created for a given class (KM). Look at the

                title bar above any parameter graph to get the true

                / do NOT use the disply names as given in the

                tree view.



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                  Roland Pocek

                  hi jon,


                  will take a look, but as far as i know these only work for KM's and application classes and not for instances like single services, thanks for the hint



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                    Jonathan Coop

                    No I think you must be confused with disabledKms and preLoadedKMs, these

                    rules are specifically for instances, here are some short extracts from the

                    relevent section:



                    The PATROL Agent allows you to monitor an application while allowing you to


                    include and exclude certain instances. The ability to filter instances in

                    or out gives


                    you the flexibility to monitor exactly what you want. This filtering

                    feature permits


                    you to enter the exceptions rather than create exhaustive lists of

                    instances that


                    constitute the rule.


                    To exclude three instances of an Oracle database, you must create a filter

                    type variable,


                    "/AgentSetup/ORACLE.filterType" ={REPLACE="exclude"}, and a corresponding


                    filter list variable, "/AgentSetup/ORACLE.filterList"



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                      Jonathan Coop

                      Should have pasted the bit about wild cards being supported:


                      "The /AgentSetup/application_name.filterList configuration variable lets you specify





                      the set of application instances or regular expressions to include or exclude from

                      monitoring, depending upon the type of filter."