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    Submit between and Late Sub Alert



      I have a job to configure to run between 2000 in ODATE to 0200 in next odate.. Also I need to send an alert if the job does not submit by 0200.


      If I set submit between 2000  to 0200 then then control M submits the job immediately after job has been ordered by user daily at 0005 which is less than 0200. I use maxwait 1 to configure it.


      How to specify day offset in control M for distributed system?



      With Example:


      Say I ordered the job on 29/02/11. So control M should submit the job between 2000 in 29/02/2011 to 0200 in 01/03/2011. But actually control M submits the job immediately after it orders at 0005 in 29/02/2011.


      In the param filed of late sub I set 0200 to generate the alert at 0200 on 01/03/2011. But I can't find any space to specify the day offset. So the alert generated at 0200 on 01/03/2011.


      Please help me to set it up properly.