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    2 arsystems in an SG and one outside the SG for admin and dev..  discuss

      Good morning community


      we have setup our AR environment in a way recommended to us by  consultant.  We used to have 3 servers in a single SG, with server 1 running all admin function, and it was used to do the main admin and dev. work.  However, we were recommended that we should consider having a server outside the SG, but then have the SG with the 2 remaining AR Servers.  All user connections would be brokered by the SG, but the admin work wold all be on the non-SG member. 


      After having a few weird issues over the last months, I have read all sorts of things that point to having certain functions running on multiple servers.  Primary, the SLM service, and the email escalation service (not the windows service as such).  In an SG, this is controlled by the RANKINGS form and I have no reason to believe it does not work.  However, if I have this server outside the SG, how do I control that it runs No escalation, SLM, and the other processes that are co0ntrolled by rankings?  I know that SLM running on 2 servers can cause all sorts of mess, like messing around with the cache (as I have tons of SVTs, and am always adding and deleting and modifying them)


      I have discovered armonitor.ini.  is it just a case if remming out all the lines for the processes, or some of them, or is there somewhere else that u can control this within the app forms?


      Your help and advice would be much appreciated




        • 1. 2 arsystems in an SG and one outside the SG for admin and dev..  discuss

          Hi Dan,


          which version of remedy are you using?


          If the server outside the SG would be within SG with other two servers then you can control the admin operations better by as correctly said using server group ranking form. can you please tell us the reason behind separating the server from SG ?


          escalations can be turned off  using the ar system administration console -> server information -> configuration tab.  Please refer to the ARS configuration guide which has special a section for configuring servers in server group / configuring servers to share same db without using SG / distributing operations between the servers in such a environment.