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c# Create application to show upcoming Changes in Remedy Change Management

Rits NameToUpdate

Hi everyone,

I have done some remedy integrations recently using the HPD forms, and the  BMC.ARsystem api, to create and close a ticket

I would like to create an application that would query Remedy Change management to show at a table with information all changes that eg would be schedlued for this weekend coming.


To be honest i am really not even sure where to start for the change management, At the moment i cannot even return 1 feild into a string.


Really sorry for asking but does anyone know how or if what i am asking has been done before.




FieldValueList fieldValues = new FieldValueList();

            EntryListFieldList EntryFieldList = new EntryListFieldList();

            EntryFieldValueList EntryFieldValueList = new EntryFieldValueList();

            EntryFieldValue EntryFieldValue = new EntryFieldValue();



            BMC.ARSystem.Server ARSServer = new BMC.ARSystem.Server();

            string ARSServerName = "remedyserver";

            string ARUser = "#######";

            string ARPassword = "#########";

            ARSServer.Login(ARSServerName, ARUser, ARPassword, "", 5000);

            string strSQL;

            //strSQL = "'Change ID'" + "=" + "\"" + changeInput.Text + "\"";

            strSQL = "'Change ID*+'" + "=" + "\"" + changeInput.Text + "\"";





           EntryFieldList.AddField(1000000358);                                       //earliest start date



           EntryFieldValueList = ARSServer.GetListEntryWithFields("CHG:Infrastructure Change", strSQL, EntryFieldList, 0, 5000);


    foreach (EntryFieldValue entryFieldValue in EntryFieldValueList)

           //     {

                earlieststartdate = entryFieldValue.FieldValues[1000000358].ToString();

            label1.Text = earlieststartdate;

           //     }