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    On-Call Configuration

      Hello - new to Remedy, have used several other service desk tools, but not Remedy.


      Question:  The word "paging" is used, but in this day and age I can presume that this refers to any number of methods for reaching a person off hours, correct?  Cell phone, for example.  Terminology seems a bit outdated.


      My org's desire is as follows:  We wish to be able to use Remedy at this phase, just to host our on-call contact information. We do not wish to automate the contact via phone, pager or email at this point in time.  Some Support Groups will leverage "generic" while others will use "individual" as their contact method.  We are moving to version 7.06.04, and so my question is, what would the configuration settings be to support the following operation?


      Paging = No [inactive]

      On-Call Group = Yes

      Schedules = None


      There are various other forms and status' related to Generic and Individual that we need to know how to set, in order that the information is merly there for looking up, but not for automation or schedules.


      Thanks in advance for any help you might be able to offer.