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Help with ctmjsa

Todd Clayton

OK, so I've perused the utilities guide and was trying to use CTMJSA.


I’m trying to get statistical information from CTM, and I’mkind of stumped.


When I run ctmjsa “*” and then ctmjsa –list I do get a listing of every single job thats run ever, so I know the data is *there*.


However, I'm trying to get stats for (say) just Q1 and enter:


ctmjsa 20120101 20120221


ctmjsa –list


I get the same *everything* output.


Obviously I'm missing some fundamental understanding of how the utility works. Can anyone shed some light on the subject?

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    Robert Stinnett

    Sounds like the ctmjsa command may not be executing correctly/succesfully.  It really doesn't tell you much, unfortunately, when you run it. 


    Have you tried putting the ctmjsa 20120101 202120221 command in a Control-M job to see if it captures a bad exit code? 



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    Elvis Mahecha Galindo

    Hi todd,


    if you want see the statistical information from CTM Server, you can use  best of following command:


    ctmruninf -list  20120101000000  20120229235959


      2012      02        29    23         59         59

    ( year    month  day  hour   minute   second)





    if you want update the estatistics, the command ctmjsa is the apropiate and best execute you of following command:


    ctmjsa "*" "*"




    this apdate all statistics.



    i hope to serve you

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    Kavi K

    ctmjsa is to complile the statistics. As rightly said by Elvis ctmruninf command should be used to get the detail.s

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    Todd Clayton

    Like I said, I had a fundamental lack of understanding here.


    Let me say though, the fact that ctmruninf only displays the first 10 characters of the jobname is a *real* pain.


    Thanks people!

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    Robert Stinnett

    Todd -


    Depending on what type of information you need, you may find it a lot easier to just hit the database tables directly instead of using the command-line tools.


    The statistical information for job runs is stored in the CMR_RUNINF table.  I have scripts that query this data and push it to our Sharepoint Intranet site on a daily basis -- a lot "prettier" than fooling with the limitations of the tools.

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    Todd Clayton

    Robert, I would be very interested in this. I'm already running the ctmlog analyzer you wrote. Very handy.


    Hitting the database tables would be beyond my abilities, and our DBA's are great guys but very busy.


    I'd be truly happy with just something that gives the full jobname, nodeid, cpu, and elapsed. If you've got something thats prettier than that, I'm all ears!


    Control-M CTMLOG Analyzer
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    Elvis Mahecha Galindo

    Robert, goog morning,  if will can

    I hope help us with the script.

    very thanks for your help




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    Alexandr NameToUpdate

    Hello Robert,

    Please add me to distribution list of your query and publishing script.

    What do you do with row data on sharepoint? do you have a dashbord on top of these data or hwo you present to end users besides yourself?

    Thank you,