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    Relating CIs to bmc_person via GUI

    Ryan Wiltshire



      I am trying to relate a CI and person via the mid tier. The choices under relationships do not contain person. Is this on purpose?


      I am trying to automate the association of end users to machines they are logged in on with out having to go through the Asset People form due to the requirement of a recon ID.




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          Could you please explain what you wish to achieve by creating reln between BMC_Person & BMC_<Class> ..?


          BMC documentations mention that It is not recommended to create relationships directly in bmc.asset dataset / using asset management console. relationships or changes to CIs within CMDB should be created first in the sandbox dataset and then promoted to bmc.asset dataset.


          I think you have already figured it out that to relate people to CI we need to use 'People' tab on the asset console. You can also create relationships between BMC_Person and BMC_<class> using the CMDB Console with relationship class BMC_BaseRelationship. Then you can also import relationships using spread sheets & AIE.



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            Amey is Right, Atrium Explorer does not allow to create any relationship or CI in BMC.ASSET dataset. if you would try to create CI - BMC.ASSET dataset will throw an below message -


            You attempted to create a CI in your BMC ASSET view. To create this CI the view must be converted to a Sandbox view. Do you want to convert this view to a Sandbox view?


            Once you click on yes then it would retarget to Sandbox dataset. You can also create Relationship b y using Atrium Explorer- it is more easier than user tool also we have stopped support for user tool from Cobalt, so its better to use midtier




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              Viju James

              I believe you are trying to create a relationship between a Computer System and a Person CIs, right? Both are CI Classes in CMDB. You will be using one of the relationships available like BMC_Dependency and BMC_Component. You can use Atrium Explorer to manually create relationship between the two CIs you want. As mentioned before, Atrium Explorer won't allow you to create them directly in Asset Dataset. You create them in SandBox dataset and then promote (there is a button in the Atrium Toolbar to Promote) to Asset dataset. In your case, I guess, you have the 2 CIs alsready there in the Asset dataset. Just drag them to the right pane (it will autoatically switch to SandBox dataset), and then select the relationship type that you want from the toolbar and then create the relationship between those two CIs.


              The above case is for manually creating the relationship using Atrium Explorer UI. If you want to do it programmatically, then use the CMDB API to create the relationshop between the two CIs.



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                Anne Brock

                The recommendation though would be to connect the Asset to the People via the people form; that will then create the relationship to the Person CI.

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                  HI Anne:


                  I also want to relate CIs to People,People Organization and Support Group and I found People Tab in AST:Computer Systems form.However  since we need to update several records ,is there a recommended tool(AIE?)in a particular form to run on?


                  Appreciate assistance!

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                    Anne Brock

                    If it's just people, you can try the "bulk update" feature in Asset Mgmt; but yeah, for mass loading orgs and support groups, AIE or AI would be the way to go. I'm afraid I don't know the form name(s) to use though...

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                      Dileep Kunchavaram

                      Hi Ashish,




                         We have loaded CI-People relationships using AIE. The form to be used is AssetAttribute.