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    Integration PNet with NNMi using msend

      Hi, I'm trying to integrate Pnet with HP NNMi using msend. I use the following msend command: "msend -n @ -a PATROL_EV -b "mc_host='computer';mc_object_class='DATABASE';mc_object='db_instance';msg='Dbcirefine_test001';severity='CRITICAL';" ". But the new messages comes with the same IP(NNMI server ip) and event class type(PATROL_EV) are recognized as repeating events. What can I do to prevent them from been de-dup? Thanks in advance.

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          Matt Laurenceau

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            Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

            Please see below for definition of duplicate events using dup_detect facet,


            An event is considered a repetition of another if the event has the same values for all the slots that are defined with the dup_detect=yes facet in the BAROC definition of its event class.


            Check the definition of BAROC class for your integration. Also, Event class that you are using for integration is PATROL_EV whereas you want HPNNM integration with BPPM. Please see below for approach you need to take for HPNNM integration with BPPM using msend


            1. Place the msend binary from where you are sending events to BPPM. Check port openings and other pre-requisites for setting up the environment

            2. Create a Class file in BPPM for HPNNMi events. Add the class in .load file, recompile and reload the BPPM cell

            3. Map the details you are passing from source to the right slots in BPPM. Pass the HPNNMi events to BPPM and check the events are received.

            4. Export the sample event and make sure the event class is right and do not have bad slots, bad values, cell parse errors


            Please note that there is OOTB integration between HPNNM and BPPM which serves the purpose. For more details refer http://documents.bmc.com/supportu/documents/41/68/54168/54168.pdf




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              All - I posted this integration with HP NNMi over a year ago, but the rules worked fine and maybe a good guide:




              If needed, we can update the MRL to support:


              - FQDN

              - ALIAS support for Service Modeling and Device Mapping



              Hope this helps.



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                Bhuvaneswaran Ekanathan

                It was indeed very easy way to integrate KP.!

                Thanks for your efforts and extending help to the needed people.


                I have a small query in your rule that you use for closing DOWN event using UP event by comparing event ID.


                new NNMiupClosesNNMiDown : NNMi ($UP) where [ $UP.NNMi_Clearable == "CLEAR" AND $UP.status == OPEN]

                updates ALL NNMi ($DOWN)

                where [ $DOWN.status == OPEN AND $DOWN.NNMi_uuid == $UP.NNMi_uuid AND       $DOWN.NNMi_Clearable == "SET" ]







                Do you intend to use drop_new in place of $UP.status=CLOSED ?

                In my view, it is better to use UP event to close the DOWN event and drop it rather than having it as a separate event (same UUID) in repository. If event is CLOSED, it has got CLEAR event and if it is still OPEN, then CLEAR event is not received yet.


                If you agree on above point, we need not use NNMi_refineCLEAR phase in refine rule.


                In addition, in first phase of refine we need not use $EV.msg = $EV.NNMi_Name since we are using $EV.msg = 'Event '||$event||' for '||$node||' ( IP: '||$ip||' )' in the same rule.


                Please let me know your thoughts on the same.