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    open form for remedy after login

      Hi All


      I want to open form for remedy after passing the Username and password..



      server.Login(serverName, UserName, password)


      After Authentication, I want to open a form for Remedy via services or any other method.


      It will activate link for Home Page after authenticate the login.

      Please help in resolving this problem


      Saurabh Agarwal

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          Hi Saurabh,


          Can you please explain the purpose of this form.


          do you waht users to see this form or need it as a hidden one.





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            Hi Ganesh


            Yes, I want user will see this form,from where they will create the remedy.

            I want to open Remedy from where we will create the remedy, after passing the creditionals.



            Best Regards

            Saurabh Agarwal

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              Hello Saurabh,


              You can set the new home page on User preference form, for user you want your form to open up on loggin in.




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                Hello Team


                Can you please tell me how to create the User preference.

                Please tell me the steps to create it.



                Saurabh Agarwal

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                  You just need to open a form "AR System user preference form" and create a entry for the user (if not already present) and specify the home page for that user.


                  Or else you can also set the global home page for all the users on from "Server information form- > configuration". If you set a form name here it would be applicable for all the users connected to current server.




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                    Hi Ganesh/Team


                    Thanks so much for replying the queries.


                    I want to open a form or redirect the url programtically after passing the login details.



                    server.login(servername, username, password)


                    server.login will authenticate the username, if this will returm true then it will open the form or redirect this url.


                    I want to hit below url by programmatically







                    Saurabh Agarwal

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                      I think you are implementing API's using some integration.


                      If you are passign credentials through HTTP request you can try using some basic scripting in Javascript or VBscript in page for redirecting URL. this should work for you.


                      If you are not using any HTTP request through browser then you may try calling a batch file which will open a browser instance and redirect URL to your specific link.


                      If you can explain what exactly you are doing i can get a clear picture of your problem.




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                        Laurent Matheo

                        I'm not sure I'm getting this properly...

                        Do you want to do a custom login page, authenticate and then redirect?


                        There are some informations in guide "BMC Remedy Action Request System 7.6.04 BMC Remedy Mid Tier Guide.pdf" that show you how to create a custom login pageor how to pass data / parameters using the url itself.

                        Check page 82 and later


                        For example:

                        Example 3: User logged in automatically



                        The user is logged in automatically and goes directly to the specified URL.

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                          Hello Team/Ganesh


                          Yes, I am implementing API using Integration

                          I had downloaded the dll for BMC AR Sytem.


                          using BMC.ARSystem;


                          string UserName = UserName;

                          string password = Password;

                          string serverName = "Server name";

                          Server server = new BMC.ARSystem.Server();


                          server.Login(serverName, UserName, password, "", "", "UTF-8");    


                          It will authenticate the user, whether it is valid or not.


                          Now, I want to redirect on the next form, how I will achieve this.


                          String formName = "SHR:LandingConsole";

                          ARForm objAR = server.GetForm(formName);




                          Saurabh Agarwal

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                            I think there is some confusion in this. how are you going to execute this program? using command line.? then i think its difficult to say about user session.


                            Using API you can perform all the operations in remedy as we usually do using Mid tier or User tool.


                            The function you mentioned as below..




                            will actually create a new form on the server.. i think you do not want that.


                            you can create a entry in form using following code



                            Entry entry = new Entry();
                            entry.put(Constants.AR_CORE_SUBMITTER, new Value("mylogin"));
                            entry.put(Constants.AR_CORE_STATUS, new Value("0", DataType.ENUM));
                            entry.put(Constants.AR_CORE_SHORT_DESCRIPTION, new Value("My Short Desc"));
                            entry.put(AR_PRIORITY, new Value(1, DataType.ENUM));
                            entry.put(AR_DESCRIPTION, new Value("Description goes here"));
                            entry.put(AR_ASSIGNED_TO_GROUP, new Value("DIT IS OA Admin Apps ITSM"));
                            entry.put(AR_REQUESTER_LOGIN_NAME, new Value("mylogin"));
                            entry.put(AR_REQUESTER_NAME, new Value("My Name"));
                            entry.put(AR_ITEM, new Value("My Item Value"));
                            entry.put(AR_TYPE, new Value("Remedy Help Desk"));
                            entry.put(AR_CATEGORY, new Value("My Category"));
                            entryIdOut = server.createEntry(formName, entry);


                            I would say you should check the AR Doc here so that you will get an idea what all classes are present and how to utilze them for using remedy server.


                            As per me if you are authenticating using API, Browser will again ask the user for login credentials. I think you should revisit your approach for the requirement.