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    Unable to discover OS stats while using ADDM 7.5

      Hey Guys,


      Currently we are stuck with kind of strange issue. We are running Atrium Discovery 7.5.01 ( I know its almost EOL and going to be out of support in Oct 2012).


      We will upgrade but just wanted to make sure we get it working first. When I create new discovery task, all it finds is IP and any remote services that are running (like tomcat webserver etc).


      It appears its failing on WMI authentication to fetch host Details like OS, Manufacturer etc.


      When I run mtool against that host, using same credentials as in discovery task, it fetches the data just fine.


      I also did not get any kind of error in Details section after task completes.


      I am wondering if there is any king of troubleshooting I am missing or any place I should be looking into.