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    AIE and Integrator questions - Need help

    Harry Lee



      I have this project where I have to import SCCM and SAP data into the CMDB.  This is my first time handling any of these.


      Integrator has some issues with CPU utilizations so I started building things in AIE.


      So far I have SCCM integration built in AIE.

      Basically they want 2 types of classes from SCCM.

      Computer and Software.

      I created new attributes in ComputerSystem for IP address, Video Card, etc.

      So I'm taking various tables from SCCM and merging them into the ComputerSystem class using ResourceID to match up things.

      However the customer wants last login user and last login date and Number of disks.

      1.  Is there a table in SCCM that gives just that info?  The one that I've been using is GS_SYSTEM_CONSOLE_USER but that gives me everyone that logged in.  I just need the last one.  And the number of disks.  Is there a table in SCCM that just shows the number?  Not a list of connected disks?

      2.  If not, can AIE have a rule / query to get that?


      For Software

      1. What's the table I should use to pull that info?  I'm using GS_PRODUCTSOFTWARE but there are hundreds of entries for each computer.

      2. Should I be filtering out some of the minor programs?  Java, etc? If so, is that possible in AIE or normally done in the reconciliation or normalizing stage?


      Next is the bigger challenge.

      SAP.  All the computer/server/printer/monitor data is in one table.

      There is no easy identifier for these product types.  There is a product name that kind of matches up to the product catalog.

      The customer was told that Integrator can use the Product Name and then import into the proper classes all on its own.

      1. Is that true?  Can Integrator take 1 source and intelligently sort and push into the proper CI Class based on the Product Name (matching up to Product Catalog)?


      If not, what other method is there to identify the class and push to the proper classes (like a filter)? 

      Is there a way in Integrator to do a lookup on the Product Catalog table and match it up to the SAP data?

      What step would I use in Integrator? 

      Input > Table Source (Remedy) > Transform > Value Mapper?


      Or would it be better to get the customer to just enter a product type into SAP?


      Sorry for all the questions.  Kind of stressed.

      Thanks for the help.

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          You said Integrator had issues with CPU utilizations can you elaborate here ?


          AIE /AI are pretty much capable of doing all the things which you mentioned here, you as an administrator have to design things so that they are ready for the next stage i.e. the mapping stage in AIE /AI.


          If you do not want to create views then AI is a better option over AIE because it allows you to transform your data in the way you want and then finally get it into CMDB.

          In case you have all your views/tables defined then you can use AIE as well.


          You mentioned you have to get data from some other table using AIE then you can use SQL| rule ,as well.

          We can explore other rules as well.


          I am not too sure about the tables in SCCM because I am not an SCM expert, you will need to reach out to PS or let me check if I have some locally here.




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            Lalit Joshi

            I have one design for you, please check if you can think over. You can have a staging database between Discovery sources and remedy. In the staging database you will have four tables (SCCM_import, SAP_import, SCCM_Final and SAP_Final). Using SSIS (SQL server integration services) scheduled Jobs you can import CIs from discovery sources directly into staging tables then transform all your data according to CMDB data model. To transform the data you may have to write some logics in SSIS, but I found it’s very handy. SSIS job will load the transformed data into final tables. Now any ERP application (i.e. AIE/AI) can access those tables and upload CIs into CMDB Import Datasets. Then you can use NE jobs to normalize the import datasets according to approved list of hardware and software products (Product Catalog). List of products you need to prepare and load into the system or you can also use latest ‘data package’ provided by BMC. It’s not available currently as there was some issue with the data.  After normalization you can reconcile the CIs and create them into BMC Asset.

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              Harry Lee

              Thanks for the reply!!


              The CPU utilization issue is that if I start Integrator through the Atrium Console > Integrations, the CPU usage jumps to 100%.

              Basically java.exe*32 runs at 50% immediately then to 90-99% after 30mins.  It doesn't go back lower and I have to kill that java.exe*32 process .


              However, the Pentaho Spoon works well without causing CPU utilization issues.  CPU stays around 0-10%.


              The customer has created the SAP view with all the info in one table (view).  But it puts all the computers/monitors and printers into that view.  Is it possible for AI to take each record and put them into the proper CI Class?  Or do I need to create separate jobs for each CI Class and filter the view?


              I looked up some SCCM queries to see if I could do last logon and number of disks.  So far there doesn't seem to be any that are out of box.  But I'm still looking into possible queries I could use in AI.


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                This can be pretty much designed within a single transformation in Spoon.

                You can have data coming from a single table as source and then have multiple CMDB  outputs to handle each class..

                But before it goes to CMDB you will have to apply approp. Penatho steps to filter out data so that they it falls into respective CI classes.


                The java process which you killed was it listening  on Port 20000 , I mean to say was it a Carte server ?




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                  Harry Lee

                  How could I check what port the java process was listening on?

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                    You can use:

                    Netstat –ano|find /I “20000”

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                      Harry Lee

                      It's a windows system so I had to use

                      netstat -ano|find "20000"

                      but there is nothing there.

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                        If you open a form NGIE:Config  then you will have the Carte Server port mentioned there, if its 20000 then netstat should have returned an entry in your case.

                        If it doesn’t then that means Carte server is not running and you will not be able to start the JOBS from AUI console and the only way to do is from Spoon, but since you are using Spoon to design JOBS you can go ahead and use spoon.

                        Currently it’s not a worry because you are still in the phase of designing a JOB which can be done easily using Spoon client.




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                          Harry Lee

                          Thanks for helping out Yogesh.


                          There is an entry in NGIE:Config with a reference to 20000.

                          I can get into the Jobs section in Atrium Console.  But it's blank.

                          After 15mins, the buttons for creating/editing jobs turns on.

                          I can create a job from the console but it doesn't show up in the list.


                          This lets me open up the basic job in Pentaho then modify it.

                          Does the Carte server need to be running in order for the AI job to run on schedule?

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                            It’s true , carte server has to be up and running if you want to run a JOB from AUI.

                            If the JOBS don’t show up in the LIST then there is an issue with your AR Pentaho PLUGIN server for which you will have to check the AtriumPluginSvr log file.

                            I am keeping my colleague Velan in Loop so that he can assist you in finding the penPLugin issue.




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                              Singaravadivelan Ramakrishnan

                              can you share the below two file so it will help us to identify why the jobs are not getting displayed on Atrium Integrator AUI Concole.


                              1. <AtriumCore Installed Directory>\cmdb\plugins\shared\pluginsvr_config.xml
                              2. <AtriumCore Installed Directory>\Logs\AtriumPluginSvr.log


                              Thanks & Regards


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                                Harry Lee

                                Thanks Velan for helping.

                                Attached are the files


                                UPDATE: Based on File attachment policies, a file was removed, see FAQ for more

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                                  Singaravadivelan Ramakrishnan

                                  I looked at the log file it looks fine. the plug-in got loaded successfully. the xml file also look good.

                                  Can you check below two log file is there any error if it then can you share the log file.

                                  in the meen time we will have a webex sceduled on monday let me know ur convinent time.


                                  AtriumCore Installed Directory>\Logs\AtriumPluginSvr-stdout-2012-02-01.log <latest one after clicking on AI concole>


                                  and Tomcat std out log file.


                                  Thanks & Regards


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                                    Harry Lee

                                    Attached are the log files


                                    The other Atrium Core consoles work fine.

                                    It's just the Integrator that fails.


                                    Monday Webex would be great!

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