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    Deleting Service Requests in 7.6.04

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      Hi there,


      We have migrated from UAT to Production and I’m deleting all transactional data and resetting counters. For Service Requests, the form doesn’t allow you to delete (or modify) existing records. So I edited the form in Dev Studio to allow Menu access for Delete and Modify All. The status of the records can be updated to Cancelled, but this does not help. The records still cannot be deleted. There is an OOB filter which prevents requests from being deleted (SRM:SHR:Permission_001_DeleteError). We want the requests deleted (~ 1000 of them) from the Service Requests form so that they do not appear in Request Entry. I have a list of related SRM forms but would like to delete all records from SRM:Request form.


      What would be the most efficient (and quickest) way to perform this without any implications?





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          Sanjeeva NAIDU GURRAM



          We have to find the associated work orders , chnage and Incidents from the service request and we have to incident interface - Create and same as work order Interface_create and changeinterface_create form and serah with the service request if we delete them we can delete the service request


          Other wise try from the data base on the srm_request from


          Sanjeeva Naidu G

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            Hi Sanjeev,


            I have deleted all other transactional data and associated SRM data. In addition to he menu access, I disabled the filter SRM:SHR:Permission_001_DeleteError. This allowed me to delete records from the SRM:Request form.




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              Hi Joy,


              I have disabled the same filter and I have modified the form properties to allow delete but i'm still unable to delete records from the SRM:Request form.


              ¿can you tell me how did you do it?


              Thanks a lot.

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                Hi Ivan,


                What is the error you are getting? Make sure that you have deleted all associated data first. Below are the forms to check:


                AP:Signature (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = AP:Signature.Request

                AP:Detail (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = AP:Detail.Request)

                APR:Non-ApprovalNotifications (SRM:Request.InstanceId = APR:Non-ApprovalNotifications.ParentInstanceId)

                SRM:AppInstanceBridge (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:AppInstanceBridge.SRInstanceID)

                SRM:AppInstanceFlow (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:AppInstanceFlow.RootInstanceID)

                SRM:Associations (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:Associations.Service Request InstanceID)

                SRM:QuestionResponse (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:QuestionResponse.SRInstanceID)

                SRM:SR_AuditLog (SRM:Request.SysRequestID = SRM:SR_AuditLog.Original Request ID)

                NTE:Notifier Log (SRM:Request.Request_Number = NTE:Notifier_Log.Request ID02_Ticket)

                SRM:Survey (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM_Survey.Originating Request InstanceID)

                SRM:WorkInfo (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SRM:WorkInfo.SRInstanceId)

                SLM:Measurement (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:Measurement.ApplicationInstanceID)

                SLM:EventSchedule (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:EventSchedule.SLA Reference InstanceID)

                SLM:MilestoneLogging (SRM:Request.InstanceId = SLM:MilestoneLogging.Application InstanceID)

                HPD:Associations (SRM:Request.Request_Number = HPD:Associations.Request ID01 AND HPD:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                AST:CMDB Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = AST:CMDB Associations.Request ID01 AND AST:CMDB Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                CHG:Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = CHG:Associations.Request ID01 AND CHG:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                PBM:Investigation Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Investigation Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Investigation Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                PBM:Known Error Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Known Error Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Known Error Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                PBM:Solution DB Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = PBM:Solution DB Associations.Request ID01 AND PBM:Solution DB Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)

                WOI:Associations (SRM:Request.Request Number = WOI:Associations.Request ID01 AND WOI:Associations.Request Type01 = 23000)




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                  Suresh Kannan

                  Nice neccessity is the Mother of Invention..I could see you must have spent soemtime, Identifying the relationships of the Forms before you came up with the list

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                    By default OOTB Archive is enabled on the SRM:Request Form in newer versions, please check the below in form properties for 7.6.04 version.


                    You can use that, for the Closed and Cancelled service requests('Status' >= "Cancelled") and seting flag 'Do_Not_Archive' = $NULL$.  'Do_Not_Archive'  flag is present on the Dates & Cost tab if service requests are Closed and Cancelled('Status' >= "Cancelled").


                    Also you can change the OOTB number of days of Archival Policy in the "AR System Archive Policy" form if required, default OOTB setting is of 548 days or more.




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