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    Need info on an Escalation: HPD:INC:ResetKickbackCount

    KiranSingh Rajput Kishore



      There is an escalation on HPD:Help Desk form called HPD:INC:ResetKickbackCount with a qualification: 'Closed Date' < ($TIMESTAMP$ - 2678400)  (closed date is less than 31 days from the current timestamp)


      That is resetting a field called  "Kickback_Count" and setting the field z1D Action to "RESETKICKBACK" on every incident closed longer than the past month.This is OOB workflow which is updating all incidents older than 31 days and it runs on first of every month.


      Can we get infomation on this from somewhere to understand the need for this escalation and also on the Escalation qualification. Since there is huge amount of data getting updated in hpd_help_desk form, reporting is affected and it leads to dead locks in PROD data base.



      Kiran Singh.