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    Work Info Locked (Yes/No)



      When the Incident ticket/form is opened in New mode, the 'Locked' option is set to 'No' by default, my understanding is this value is taken from the HPD:WorkLog form where the default value for the 'Locked' field is 'Yes' (for all the views), is there any other setting that overrides the field setting or am i missing something here, appreciate any help on this.

      We are using ITSM 7.6.04 SP2.



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          Carl Wilson


          yes, User preferences can override this setting.  If you do not have the "New" form open setting set to "Default", this field will not be set to "Yes".

          To truely set this to "Yes" it is best to do it with workflow on the form opening as each user can have different preference settings (either in the User Tool or central preferences).



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            Hi Hari,


                 If you are opening from Incident form by using Create button, You can modify from "HPD:INC:OpenWorkInfoDlg_100" Active Link by simply changing the mapped value of z1D_Secure_Log in the openwindow action.





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              Vikram Byloor

              Work Info Locked (YES/NO):




                          When You Open the Work Info From a Incident Ticket, you will see the WorkInfo View of HPD:HelpDesk Dialogs. In that by Default Locked Key is set to “No”.

              There is No need to change the HPD:WorkLog default values.


              Hope this may Help You.



              Vikram Krishna Byloor

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                Thank you Carl, Manju and Vikram for your help. What i have observed is that the 'Locked' field which is part of the HPD:Helpdesk form (in Work Info tab) with the field name 'Z1D_Editable' has a default value set to No only in this form ( as its default value is Yes in all other forms). Since our customer wants it to be set to Yes, i am planning to change the default value in field properties itself.



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