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    ADDM 8.3 - CMDB Sync

    Shilpa C

      I have already synchronized the ADDM with one CMDB  server.

      Now we want to stop pushing data into that CMDB server and push ADDM data into another CMDB server.

      Do I need to do any additional steps other than default steps mentioned in this doc http://discovery.bmc.com/confluence/display/83/Preparing+BMC+Atrium+CMDB+for+synchronization






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          Dirk Anderson

          You should be good with that...remember to make sure you can ping the IP of the new CMDB to and from ADDM and that you have tested the account you will use.

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            Shilpa C

            Thanks Dirk.

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              Lisa Keeler

              Assuming that you are using Continuous CMDB Sync, the data will be inserted into the new CMDB dataset as your Discovery jobs are executed.  ADDM will find that the data does not exist, and it will insert the data.


              I recommend these steps to switch over to the new CMDB:


              1) stop discovery runs (you could put the appliance into maintenance mode)

              2) stop continuous sync (wait for it to finish processing its queue)

              3) change configuration to the new CMDB dataset

              4) test the connection to the new CMDB dataset

              5) test by sending a couple of hosts to CMDB

              6) start continuous sync

              7) take appliance out of maintenance mode / start discovery runs again, etc

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                Shilpa C

                Thanks Lisa. Yes I am following the same steps. I will let you know if I find any issues.

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                  Bob Massa

                  Hi Shilpa,


                  I added the section, "Preparing synchronization to more than one CMDB" to the documentation that details the steps that Lisa provided in her reply. If you find any issues with the process on your end, please let me know and I will update the documentation as necessary.


                  Thank you.



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                    Shilpa C



                    It is good that you have added this information in the Documentation.


                    I am waiting for our new CMDB server to stand up. ( They are rebuilding the Dev environment), I will let you know.