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    App Integration - SolarWinds


      Hi... Looking for an insight to the integration of tools from SolarWinds such as LanSurveyor and IP Monitor...


      Keen to see if it is possible to integrate the LANsurveyor and LANsurveyor Responder Clients.

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          Danny,  Remedyforce is designed to work with a variety of asset discovery and monitoring solutions. In fact, we have pre-mapped integrations to solutions such as BMC's Asset Discovery and Dependency Mapping, as well as Microsoft's SCCM.


          Using our open source integration engine and mapping to our CMDB, it's a pretty straightforward process to integrate discovery and monitoring solutions (such as SolarWinds) with Remedyforce.  That would include the ability to automatically generate incidents from events that trigger in the monitoring solutions, etc.


          As always, please feel free to contact me directly, or through your Account Executive.  We look forward to making you successful with Remedyforce!  Regards,


          Steve Hanson

          Remedyforce Technical Enablement


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            Steve, interesting feedback thanks...


            Having seen the ADDM integration within RF and the mapping features it offers are you saying this is achivable via an application such as LANsurveyor... I appreciate that you guys offer ADDM although this is too top heavy for our requirments.


            Whilst we run about 40 sites with over 300 servers and 1800 seats we only need to run a multitennated solution for about 5 of the sites.


            As an initial test we are looking to run it on a 65 seat environment with 8 servers....


            The challenge we face is that from what we can see no one else has run this in the RF environment and as such it is an unknown due to the early adoption of the solution...


            It would be great to find someone out there that has integrated some of these tools... ANYONE ?

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              Again, we can address this in a quick session with your potential onboarding partner, but it's good to have the trail of this conversation in the communities:


              Yes, you can use LANSurveyor in the same way you might use ADDM or a freebie tool like Microsoft's SCCM.  It's a relatively simple matter of mapping the correct information from LANSurveyor into Remedyforce using the same open-source integration engine we used with ADDM, SCCM, and other monitoring/discovery tools.  It's well documented in the 'HELP' section and the technical documentation within the product (even the trial / demo).


              The onboarding partner you are working with currently has done many integration projects involving this type of work, using both custom code and the integration engine.  Looking forward to discussing with you...


              Best, STEVE