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    Welcome BMC Impact Manager Developers!

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      This forum focuses on the BMC Impact Integration Developer's Kit. We welcome your comments and feedback.

      The BMC Impact Integration Developer’s Kit (iiDK) for the professional developer supports the proliferation of integration solutions for the BMC Impact Manager (BMC IM) environment.

      Any iiDK integration can leverage or participate in real-time business relevant IT Operations. Solutions built on the iiDK can offer one-way or bi-directional, synchronized, automated communications between BMC IM and other systems management tools. Examples include, but are not limited to:

      - event feeds from IT application or infrastructure monitoring solutions
      - automatic creation and synchronization of trouble-tickets with incident management solutions
      - automatic creation of service impact notifications using an independent notification solution

      The iiDK supports C and web services interfaces, and offers a robust set of function calls, code samples and extensive developer documentation.

      The C or C++ developer has the ability to create high-function, flexible, and configurable integrations, allowing full leverage of the Impact Manager’s power.

      Use of standard web services offers the ultimate in language and client platform flexibility. Web application developers will find it very easy to interact with the BMC Impact Manager environment using web-based development tools.

      To obtain the iiDK, see the Request a BMC Impact Integration Developer's Kit post.