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      Can anybody tell me how the "Application-Parse-Qual-SField" process works? With example would be helpfull...

      Thanks in advance.

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          Misi Mladoniczky



          Why concern yourself? If you do not have a clue of what it is, there seems to be no reason to struggle with understanding it


          Or do you have a problem with this that requires you to troubleshoot this thing?


          What this would do, I guess, is to convert what you type in a filter to the internal representation:


          Example: ('Sales case status' = "Closed") AND ('Result' = $NULL$)

          Internal representation: 1\4\1\99\7\2\6\90\4\1\99\536870930\2\0\


          You can look at def-files and the ar.h file in the AR API to try to find out what the numbers really mean.


          The reason to use this is to speed things up if you are writing an API-program such as DevStudio, or some other program to work against Remedy.


          I guess there might be situations where having an internal format within your application can speed things up. But that should be at a fairly low level. I have not investigated exactly, but maybe the EXTERNAL-keyword is able to use the internal representation, in which case it does not need to repeatedly contact the server about field names etc.


          I guess I am rambling...


                  Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se

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            Hello Misi,


            Thanks for your response. Given info is very helpful.


            The reason for why I’m struggling :

            What I want do is to set a field dynamically. I have form with two filed (form name and field id).

            Now i want write a workflow would do dynamic set field. Like it should pick value of form name field (Let’s assume, it would pick form name as a TEST:MP) as source form and field id as source field id (The field id is of the field on form TEST:MP).

            Form name can be picked by using Sample Data in Set field but we cannot map field dynamically.


            **we have static set field qualification


            I did it using SQL query but the result I get for character field is fine but if it is date field or selection field, it gives results in number format.


            I heard somewhere that we can do it using run process which i mentioned in my post. I'm trying it since two days but I found no luck .




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              Misi Mladoniczky



              I do not think you can use that function for what you want to do. Search the server and retrieve custom columns.


              You can use Application-Copy-Field-Value targetFieldID sourceFieldID to copy data between fields on your local form/current transaciton.


              You could create a Service call that can retrieve data from the server using that function.


                      Best Regards - Misi, RRR AB, http://rrr.se