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    SLM Terms and Conditions and Measurement rules

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      I have one theoretical question regarding SLM configuration. Documentation unforunately is not very helpfull in this matter so I hope maybe someone on this forum can throw some light on the topic.

      I need to create specific SLA. The main goal for this SLA is to send notification when a value in specific field is changed. Therefore I can imagine creating SLA with following details:

      Terms and Conditions = Some basic rules like 'Company' = "Company" AND 'Some Important Field' = "Value"

      Start When = 'Status' >= "Assigned" AND 'TR.MonitoredField' != $\NULL$ AND 'TR.MonitoredField' != 'DB.MonitoredField'


      Can I use transaction rules in Terms and Conditions AND/OR Start When/Stop When/Exclude rules?