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      i'm create incident template and AOT and put It in PDT and then create SRD for user submitter when user submit request the error shown(require failed can't be reset to null value:7 (error 326))??plz help my  create (AOT+PDT+SRD)  more than once even solve problem but the problem still

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          Anne Brock

          Hi Khaled -


          You have multiple open discussions around SRM with very similar or even duplicate questions. Have you had a chance to take the SRM Admin course?


          You may want to open a support ticket since you haven't gotten the answer you need here. Opening more discussions on the same question really won't help you get an answer any faster.


          Good luck with your system!



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            Nivedita Roy

            Hi Khaleed,


            Can you explain in details what exactly is your issue.Are you saying after filling up AOT & PDT and when you are trying to save you SRD you are getting the above mentioned error?