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    Forms not appearing correctly

    Yvonne Thompson
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      We're working on our implementation of Remedy and we're noticing that in a few places the forms are not appearing correctly.  For some of us the blue matts that the white text sits on are missing (see screenshots).  These have been fixed by tweaking the skin a little, but a few of the popup forms are not painting correctly, it's like they start but don't finish. 


      Is there some way to fix these?  The menus are an annoyance but the form is a rather critical issue.


      Menu (a skin is applied to change the font color but you see what I mean)

      normalmenu1.jpg        badmenu1.jpg


      and the links on the Request Entry

      goodmenu2.jpg     badmenu2.jpg



      and the popup window is SO hard to see:


      Should be





        • 1. Forms not appearing correctly
          Raju Mangali



          First clear your browser cache and enable the pop-ups and then give a try by re-starting browser.


          If you still facing the same issue then Flush the mid-tier cache and then try definitly you will get the results.



          I hope this will helpfull for you.




          Raju M.

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          • 2. Forms not appearing correctly

            Have you tried


            • Flushing mid tier cache?
            • increasing java heap size?
            • upgrading the flash plugins? install the latest flash plugin, flush mid tier cache and restart the webserver
            • using a different browser? If you are using IE, try another browser such as google chrome.
            • are you accessing the app server remotely through VPN ? The network performance can also cause the pages to get loaded incompletely.



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            • 3. Forms not appearing correctly
              Yvonne Thompson

              Hmm.. Okay, flushing either mid-tier or browser cache didn't help, all the latest flash plugins are installed, haven't tried a different browser yet.


              We are accessing it through VPN, but that would not explain why, without fail, some machines load the graphics perfectly, and on others it doesn't work.  With the same desktop setup (hardware, windows settings, IE version etc)   For example, on my machine, and two others of my team, there is no problem, but the machines of two other team members have issues, with exactly the same behavior, no variation.


              We discovered even more places where the appearance is different, on those with display issues, these borders around the fields and menus are missing.  It almost seems as if there is a layer of the display which is omitted..


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                Yvonne Thompson

                Another example of a misbehaving form, in the backend.  Something is definately missing..





                • 5. Forms not appearing correctly
                  Raju Mangali

                  Restart your Machine once and then try once again by clearing browser cache and by enabling by pop-ups.


                  Try once again by re-starting remedy service and flushing the mid-tier cache.




                  Raju M.

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                  • 6. Forms not appearing correctly
                    Yvonne Thompson

                    The service has been restarted numerous times, caches cleared, reboots, nothing makes a difference.


                    As a test we had someone who was having display issues open it in Firefox and it was all there.  Unfortunately this is not a reliable solution as the default browser is IE.  Aso, we checked with two our testers who are using machines with the *exact* same software and updates and one had the problem while the other did not.  It looks like it might be an IE setting, but which one?

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                      Refer to Mid Tier guide....ActiveX, JavaScript from IE Options -> Security -> Custom level. guess you must have already disabled popup blocker for mid tier.



                      IE settings.PNG

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                        Hi Evenstar,


                        We faced this problem in a small section in our environment 7.6.04, After we have upgraded our Midtier to service pack 1, we have not seen this problem in our environment.


                        Also check the level of permission of Internet Explorer temporary folder.




                        • 9. Forms not appearing correctly
                          Yvonne Thompson

                          Actually it turned out that it was our version of Flash, the ONE version not supported according to the compatability matrix.  Once Flash was upgraded to a newer version (any other version) then it worked fine.


                          According to Action Request System 7.6.03 Compatibility and Support

                          “Running Flash Player on Internet Explorer browsers is not supported. The use of this version of Flash Player on Internet Explorer browsers may result in improper rendering of consoles and forms.”


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