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    Some events not in dataviews



      I use the dataviews to make some special reporting with a third party tool. I see a lot of events in the dataviews but none of the class "Service Model Component Change". I activated the generation of those events an I can see them in the PNet console. Until now I thought that I can see all events in the table "EVENT_LOG_VIEW" but now i searched for "Service Model Component Change" events and cannot find any. I rebuilt the dataviews with "pw dataview create -all" but nothing changed.

      Does anyone know where in the dataviews these events can be found or what I have to do so that these events appear there?




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          This may seem like a silly question but do you actually have events associating with CIs in a model?


          If you query the cell for any events of class SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE, do you get any results?



          mquery -n cellname -a SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE





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            It would be good to check in the ppm_propagate.mrl if these events are propagated to the jserver and so into the table EG_EVENT for it to be viewed via the dataviews.

            I don’t think these events are propagated from cell into Jserver.




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              Hi Carlos,


              "... I can see them in the PNet console. ..."


              So your mquery command also shows "SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE" events.



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                Hi gnagarka,


                I took a look at ppm_propagate.mrl and I think that propagation is correctly configured. "SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE" events will be propagated to "gateway.pn_server". And in mcell.dir is written: "gateway.pn_server    pn_server_MYPNETSERVER    mc    MYPNETSERVER:1851".

                In the slot mc_propagations is filled with "pn_server_MYPNETSERVER".



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                  In ppm_propagate.mrl, I see that subclass of MC_CELL_EVENT are not propagated to the gateway.

                  SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE is a subclass of SIM_NOTIFICATION_EVENT, which is a subclass of MC_CELL_EVENT.


                  So I think SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE will not be propagated to the gateway.




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                    In the first propagate rule in our ppm_propagate.mrl (to_ngp_gateway) events of class MC_CELL_EVENT are excluded, that's correct but there is also the following rule:


                    propagate to_ngp_gateway_sim_notification_events:

                    SIM_NOTIFICATION_EVENT where [cellinfo(POMEnabled)]

                    using ALL


                            MC_CELL_DIR_COMPONENT ($ENTRIES) where

                            [ $ENTRIES.type == "gateway" AND $ENTRIES.subtype == "pn_server"]



                        to $ENTRIES.name



                    I think this rule should propagate SIM_NOTIFICATION_EVENTs or am I wrong?

                    Another hint, that it should work correctly is that the event slot mc_propagations is filled with "pn_server_MYPNETSERVER".



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                      I think you are right. If the mc_propagations slot is filled with that value then it is getting propagated for sure.

                      I think you are looking at EVENT_LOG_VIEW. Is there some view like EG_EVENT_VIEW, if so please look at that table.




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                        Because you mentioned the table "EG-EVENT_VIEW" in your first answer I took a look at this table. In this table I can find a lot more events but none of "SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE" class.




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                          Virgilio Ricci

                          did you get a solution for this topic?


                          in the reporting engine DB i see can find the mc_ueid of the  SIM_COMPONENT_CHANGE inside the table EVENT_D but not in the EVENT_INFO_F.


                          In this last table are stored all the header info of an event (class, arrival date etc...)


                          Is there any configuration on TrueSight/TrueSight reporting that should be finalized to manage the events of this Class?