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    "AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4" RTM candidate available for download

    Prakash Roy

      BMC is happy to announce the availability of "AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4" for download at:

      AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4

      AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4 RTM Candidate




      Update  notes:


      - Upgraded to 7.6.4 version. Wraps the AR System C API version 7.6.04_build002 and offers  new API enhancements introduced in this version.

      - As with previous releases of this API, it allows for communicating with  pre-7.5 or 7.5 version AR System Servers.

      - As with previous revisions of this API, it is being provided as unsupported  and with limited testing. So please validate your existing tools/integrations  work just fine with this upgrade.

      - If you find any defects etc, please share them with us. Also if you run  into any issues, feel free to ask questions on this forum (and/or) share your  knowledge in using this API with rest of the BMCDN community by providing  answers/tips/information.





      IMPORTANT:  This API continues to remain officially unsupported at this time.
      If  customers seek to use a supported AR System API, the C/Java API remain
      the  APIs of choice for our customer's various development needs.

        • 1. "AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4" RTM candidate available for download

          Hi Prakash,


          I'm currently using the API for receiving alerts from my ARSystem.  I followed the example as shown in the documentation - AlertReceiver.BeginReceive() and enabled logging on the ARSystem.  It seems like the AlertReceiver is stuck on AcceptTcpClient and the ARSystem gives up on trying to send any alert to my test app.


          So, I tried a work around.  I created a TcpListener and use the Server.RegisterForAlerts.  When I receive a connection or any message, I simply send an acknowledgement in the form:


               client.Client.Send( Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes( "ack" ) );


          This seems to work and I'm able to continue to receive alerts.  However, I need help in decoding the bytes I am receiving.  All I can decipher from it is that the first 4 bytes seems to be some contants while the next 4 bytes seems to be the length of the entire message received.


          Do you by any chance knows what the message format for those alerts?





          • 2. "AR System .NET and COM API 7.6.4" RTM candidate available for download

            Is there any plans, that BMC will officially support .NET API? Who is the author of .NET API? 


            On windows .NET is today main development platform for Web.