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    Checking existence of a file using PATROL

    Pramod Kumar

      Hi All,


      I have been going through some of the questions in the forum regarding to alerting an user when a file has been created in a particular directory and have found some old articles on the same.


      I would like to know if we still have to create a customised KM for the same or is it available as a part of any KM ( Log KM or Event Management KM or UNIX KM).


      Our requirement is that when we have an app that creates a  file (an .err file) when it encounters an error and dumps it in /log of the app directory. However if everything runs fine with the app it does not create the .err file. We would like to know if there is a KM which monitors the /log directory continuosly and will throw an alert on the console when the file is created. The directory should be polled every 5 mins for checking for the existence of this file.


      Any help in this regards is appreciated.