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    Self-Service Site vs Customer Portal



      I'm pretty new to Remedyforce, and have been going through the Onboarding Guide and Getting Started manual trying to figure stuff out. One thing I've come across that I'm having problems understanding is the difference between the Self-Service site and the Customer Portal. Can anybody explain exactly what the differences are and how they relate (or not) to one another?



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          Chad Haftorson



          The Remedyforce Self Service Portal leverages the force.com Customer Portal.  It looks different because we created visual force pages for a rich user experience rather than leaving the default forms for you to configure/setup.  To set up the self service portal, you need to enable sites and then create clients that will be associated a customer portal license.  There is detailed documentation on this in the Getting Started Guide located under the help menu in Remedyforce or you can click the "New! Getting Started Videos" link at the top right of the page to find a number of videos to help with configuration topics including this one.  Let us know if you still have questions.





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            I had configured the Self Service site as per the Onboarding Guide. When reading through the Getting Started Guide, I found it referred to configuring the Customer Portal which made me wonder if I'd missed something. Your explanation cleared that up.


            Thank you!