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    FTS Issues



      we're on ARS 7.6.04 Patch 1 - same version of ITSM as well.


      If we use the knowledge search, e.g., we're getting the following error message:
      FTS Service could not complete the requested operation. : FTSPlugin::multiGetOperation - com.bmc.arsys.fts.impl.lucene.LuceneFTSService getIndexSearcher: Error getting index searcher. Likely cause is index does not exist-See logfile for details. (ARERR 875)


      We see the following in arerror.log:

      Wed Sep 14 18:20:49 2011  390620 : An error has occurred while opening the "Ignore Word" file. (ARERR 659)

      Wed Sep 14 18:20:49 2011     Permission denied : \\serverXX\FTS\ftsconfiguration\conf\arsfts.stp


      However, on the server (Windows 2008 64-bit) we can reach that file without problems using the very same path. This file resides on a remote server (Windows 2008 64-bit as well) and has to be remote because we're in a server group environment (2 AR servers) where each of the servers has to access the same directory.



      Any ideas what could cause the "Permission denied" error?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Dirk Anderson

          Re-index the FTS.

          Go to System Administration console and on the FTS tab select to re-index....it will take a little while to complete. Then try again.

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            Laurent Matheo

            Usually that means ars can't access it. You should check that ars process can indeed access the folder.

            Just for testing, set the folder sharing to "everyone, read/write" and check again.

            It's not because your windows server can acess the remote folder that the process can access it.

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              I started re-indexing and right now it's still running since yesterday... although I don't think that it's doing anything but producing log files due to the fact that it can't access the share...

              In addition, the AR Server got quite unstable since re-indexing is in progress. Is there any way to stop this?

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                Laurent Matheo

                The arserver.exe reboot thing is a known issue in 7.6.04 and 7.6.04 sp1 if you "loose" FTS folder access.

                That's why I'm telling you to try with folder permissions set to "anyone + read/write" for a test.


                We also had a case where for an unknown reason the folder didn't work, so we had to choose another one.

                One thing you can test as a quick workaround is set a folder on your ARS server, like this (it's an example):


                Inside you copy the conf and collation folders from your current FTS folder.

                Then you share this "d:\temp\fts" folder to "anyone" and "read/write" to have the shared folder address like "\\yourserver\fts" (or something).

                then in your ars servers, you set the path for collection and configuration accordingly (for example "\\yourserver\fts\collection" and "\\yourserver\fts\conf").


                And try again.

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                  Hi Laurent,


                  thanks a lot for your comments.

                  I have already changed the permissions of the folder as suggested by you but somehow that did not stop the AR server from restarting every couple of minutes. I have even rebooted the machine - without success. On "Server Information", FTS tab it still tells me "Reindexing in progress".


                  I cannot see any "Permission denied" error messages anymore which may be a good thing, but I can't really test whether it's working because the AR server keeps restarting...


                  I was running out of ideas so I deleted the "collection" folder...

                  Is there no way to stop reindexing?


                  The only good thing about this whole scenario is that this machine is not productively used right now...


                  Thanks again!

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                    Laurent Matheo

                    I don't know how to stop reindexing.

                    Can you log fts (in server information / logs tab) and see if it writes something in it?


                    About logs not beeing written, it's "normal", once the fts "plugin" dies, arserver.exe "rebooting" doesn't change anything, it doesn't "relaunch" the fts plugin. Basically indeed you need to reboot.


                    Btw, if you're in server group one thing to know is to put FTS operation (ranking form) in the same server as the "admin" one.

                    If you put FTS indexation to another arserver, it works ok for like 1 hour, then for some weird reason admin server tries to get the operation finding his collegue delinquent and never gives it back... And never indexing too.


                    So I guess what you should do first is:

                    1°) putting FTS on the admin server (ranking),

                    2°) on the admin server, create folders like I told but this time configure FTS folders for admin server (in server information) as local path (not server UNC), so like "d:\temp\fts\conf\" and so on. and activate "server group" and "fts" logging in "logs" tab,

                    3°) shutdown all ARS servers (I mean really shutdown),

                    4°) reboot the admin one,


                    Let's see if it's working ok like this already.

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                      Hi again,


                      thanks a lot for your help, reconfiguring the servers as you suggested FTS is more or less working.

                      On AR server 1, everything is ok now.

                      However, I'm now getting the "Permission denied" errors on AR server 2 (trying to access a share physically located on AR server 1) although the share is configured to provide full access (read/write) to everyone.

                      Any ideas what I could do about that?


                      Moreover, initially we planned to have it setup a little bit different:

                      Have the non-admin AR server handle FTS and also have the index files located on the non-admin AR server. However, according to your comment it won't work like that... do you know whether BMC is aware of this and whether there is a defect# already?


                      Again, many thanks for your help.

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                        Laurent Matheo



                        It's really weird... Does the armonitor service is linked to a Windows Account? Try to set one for it or even use "Administrator" and tell the service to use this account.


                        Yes BMC does know don't worry, it's fixed in 7.6.04 sp2 that'll be released in the coming weeks (at least the crashing part).

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                          Thanks for the hint!

                          I could have figured that one out by myself, however...


                          Starting the armonitor service with e.g. my user account instead of SYSTEM resolves the issue.

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                            Laurent Matheo


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                              Preeti gujar

                              Hey Laurent


                              I am folowig this post as i am noticing same errors in my arerror log, can you please help me understand that :the configuration steps that you have described above is to take care of this o the stop indexing?


                              Mon Mar 04 15:43:38 2013  390620 : An error has occurred while opening the "Ignore Word" file. (ARERR 659)

                              Mon Mar 04 15:43:38 2013     Permission denied : \\OD-EV-W-AG-209\D$\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\ftsconfiguration\conf\arsfts.stp


                              Thank You

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                                Laurent Matheo

                                Well is the folder accessible? Sounds like the user can't access this folder.

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                                  hi laurent


                                  i am facing same issue and the folder is accessible  can you help me?

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                                    Laurent Matheo


                                    What is your version and the error message you're having?