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    Migration from PEM to BEM

    Pramod Kumar

      Hi All,


      We are having a client who is planning to migrate from PEM to BEM.


      Are there any things that we would need to keep in mind while doing this?


      Any pointers will be helpful.




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          Jonathan Coop

          Biggest effort is probably going to be in the event enrichment that may be carried out in PEM/filter paths. Anything custom is going to take time to convert.


          1. PEM has Mainframe stuff, like screen emulators that BEM doesn't. BEM cannot screen scrape (as I understand it).


          2. BEM events will eventually be deleted after being closed, you need to put something in place to keep them if this is a requirement (typically to external database).


          3. You should consider having at least two cells on a busy system (even if on the same machine), one to handle enrichment, the other for display.


          4. MRL is a somewhat limited language, so not everything you can do in REX/Perl can necessarily be done without an external call.






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            Ad 2). in BEM, closed events are deleted after the time interval specified in the cell's EventDBKeepClosed parameter (defaults to 2592000 secons = 30 days). Using the cells propagation mechanism and a product named "Impact Database Gateway", one can transfer all or particular events to an external database for further processing.


            In PEM, closed events are transfered to the file-based PEM database. Its retention period determines how long events are stored therein (usually 14 days). There is no OOB Database Gateway mechanism here.

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              Pramod Kumar

              Thanks Jon & ma14pg6.


              Looks like we will have to relook at the effort estimation and timelines for this activity.