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    Minimum system requirements

    Gerardo Bartoccini


      I am writing an architecture document for a small environment which will use many BMC automation products, including BBCA, and I need to provide recommendations to the customer about hardware procurement.


      I have downloaded the documentation, but I can't find any information regarding minimum system requirements (I mean minimum hardware requirements).


      Can someone point me to the right doc, if any?


      I have carefully read both "Release Notes" and "Installation Guide" but no luck.


      Many thanks

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          young so

          Here you go:


          Your computer's hardware and video card must meet the following minimum hardwarerequirements to be reported as aero video card supported.


          ■ 1-gigahertz (GHz) 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor

          ■ 1 gigabyte (GB) of random access memory (RAM)  The Aero feature also requires the video card to support 32 bits per pixel. You must alsofollow the following graphics processor recommendations:

          ■ 64 MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor with a resolution that is less than 1,310,720 pixels (for example, a 17-inch flat panel LCD monitor that has a 1280 × 1024 resolution)

          ■ 128 MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor with a resolution from 1,310,720 to 2,304,000 pixels (for example, a 21.1-inch flat panel LCD monitor that has up to a 1600 × 1200 resolution)

          ■ 256 MB of graphics memory to support a single monitor with a resolution greater than 2,304,000 pixels (for example, a 30-inch wide-screen flat panel LCD monitor that has up to a 2560 × 1600



          This is simple version.  You have to do caluation of diskspace and connection pool etc.  Hope this answers it.  This is in the release document.

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            Gerardo Bartoccini


            Actually, I’m not looking for video card hardware requirements.

            I need to build a BBCA platform, so I need:



            File system

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              Gerardo Bartoccini

              A colleague sent me a document called “Installation Notes” for BBCA 7.5 (called BCAC at the time) which contains EXACTLY what I need.


              However, this doc doesn’t seem to be available on the Product Documentation website, and it doesn’t seem to exist for BBCA 8.x

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                Gordon McKeown

                I'm not sure where that information has gone in the 8.x documentation. I had a scan through a few sets of docs, and 7.5 was the last version that seemed to include it.

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                  Gordon McKeown

                  Btw, if you have a BBCA environment installed with access to the internet, you can subscribe the following channel for the complete 7.5 document set (including that system requirements doc):



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                    latest doc channel: http://products.marimba.com/Current/Version8/DocsChannel?start


                    The same docs are available via the BMC Support site under Product Documentation -> BMC BladeLogic Client Automation   Here you will find a list of versions 8.2 thru 7.5

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                      Gerardo Bartoccini

                      Jake, thanks but I already downloaded the entire 8.2.00 documentation.

                      Can you please clarify which document provides system requirementsinformation?


                      For sake of clarity, this is kind of info I am looking for. this is from the 7.5 doc called "Installation Notes"



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                        Embarrassingly enough I can't find something similar either. All I find in the Install doc is a link under the System Requirements heading that takes me back to BMC's support site. There all I can find is the support matrix...nothing for  minimum hardware etc.


                        Please file a major bug with support and supply the link to this discussion.

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                          young so

                          Document your looking for 8.2 is in the release Note.  That'w where I copy and pasted.




                          Or are you looking more detail informaiton on each type application?

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                            Gerardo Bartoccini

                            The screenshot you took is for the Report Center, I believe.

                            I need to size the main product components (Master Transmitter, Console Manager)

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                              young so

                              Ok. That's true; the report center is good baseline for what you are seeking.



                              Young So

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                                Our requirements for our infrastructure hasn't changed a bit in 10 yrs. Mainly be/c our stuff is very light.


                                Transmitters, Console:

                                Each should have 4 GB memory, 64-bit OS (even though BBC only runs in 32-bit; it's better to stdize on 64-bit now)

                                Modern CPU - multiple core (BBCA is highly threaded)

                                Storage - Transmitters: depends on the size of packages/patches and number of them. more is better and you don't necessarily need expensive storage either.

                                Console: OS + 10GB free should be enough


                                The database sizing really depends on the database and the number of endpoints plus the freq. of inventory scans. I know the documentation has some pretty good estimating disk sizes based on what and how many.


                                BTW - if you use the recommended setup for the TXs, each can handle between 5 and 15K endpoints. The numbers vary be/c of various factors like size of updates, number of patches.applications being destributed at one period, etc. Also note that everything else in BBCA has to be setup properly.and to best practices to achieve these numbers.


                                If you are using BBCA's patching functionality you should use an additional machine that will have an agent and the  patch source channel. That way it can spend its time downloading the patches from the vendor, updating the database with the meta data and be autopackaging/publishing the patches to the master transmitter.


                                A couple more tips;

                                Make sure you follow the best practices on the channel URL naming convention. Typically  http://tx.example.com:5282/Apps/<vendor>/<application_title>/current/<application_title>

                                That way all endpoints subscribe to the same URL and goes back to the same URL for all updates.

                                If you need to, keep one old version around by using


                                you can also perform slow role outs of a new version using this method and the update from capability.


                                Lastly make sure you establish a generic hostname or alias that all endpoints will use example: tx.example.com


                                That way later on if need be you can seemlessly add a load balancer and mirrors without affecting the endpoints.