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    .NET WebService Call

      Hello All, I have seen plenty of examples of using .NET and making a call to the Remedy Service using OpGetList. I have been piecing ones here and there.

      I am successfully gaining access to it. When the call is made I get an XML error

      "The string '' is not a valid AllXsd value." I am thinking this is encoding porblem? But when I try to use encoding it seems to get ignored and the actual error is being delivered from the webservice and not my app.

      I have been up and down trying to correct this. I know I am authenticated and the qualification is working as is. I have already seen those types of errors.

      I have SoapUI loaded here, and I made a successful call and retrieved the results, but with .NET it has been a no go

      I enlcosed my C# if someone may point something out.

                  // create a proxy object to make web service requests
                  RWS.Categories_WSService proxy = new RWS.Categories_WSService();
                  // set up authentication info
                  RWS.AuthenticationInfo authInfo = new RWS.AuthenticationInfo();
                  authInfo.userName = "******";

                  authInfo.password = "******";

                  proxy.AuthenticationInfoValue = authInfo;

                  String Qualification;
                  RWS.GetListOutputMapGetListValues[] Results;


                  Qualification = @"('Entry-Id' LIKE ""%66%"")";

                  Results = proxy.OpGetList(Qualification, "0", "5");


              catch (Exception ex)


      I also wanted to mention, I am just the developer. The person who set up the WS is actually on vacation. I do not have access to the Remedy System or this WS. I am hoping its me and not them So I dont know if there is the encoding on that end and how you send it back.... etc...