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    Error on Work Order Console

    Raju Mangali

      Hi Folks,


      Does anybody have same exp which i am going to narrate in the following.


      I logged into the user on my laptop, and as his user he gets the error whenever he uses the Selected Groups option.  As long as the Change Management group is selected (his primary group), he doesn't get an error.  As soon as the default group is unselected, the error presents itself.  This error only happens on the Work Order console used on the IT Home Page, it does not occur when the user is directly on the Work Order Console form.


      Error is :

      Unexpected character at this location in the query line :
      at position 1. (ARERR 1581)


      Note: I have tried in all the ways.

      Checked with Active Link, Filter, Fiddler and mid-tier logs and as well by giving user prefereces logs also. what ever the possiblity is there that I have tried.


      Does anybody have any ideas on this.