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    Web reports with incident links point to localhost instead of mid tier URL

    Van Wiles

      Our BMC customer has this problem where web reporting "Incident Details by Status and Assignee" produces links to the incidents of the form:




      The AR server name is correct but the mid tier part is "localhost" which of course would only work if your browser happens to be running on the mid tier desktop.


      I looked a bit and found some "code" in the web report (rptdesign) definition file.  It seems to use "session.getAttribute(midTierURL)" to get this part of the URL string, but I can't find anything about this session variable or where it comes from.  I believe it must come from a parameter, registry entry, or config file on the mid tier box because another mid tier pointing to the same AR server produces the same report where the URL string correctly contains the mid tier host name in place of "localhost" above.


      If you have the answer, thank you!