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    What are required to Create Custom Event Class and Forward it via BII4p

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      Dear All,


      I'm planning to create an custom event class (from STD catalog) which have pre-defined text "%s" only(I didt want to use class 11, or 39 for this custom event as the predefined text is not what we want).


      I managed to create and commit it to one of my development agent. This new event class I copied from event class 11, only I changed the description.


      Event Class Properties:

      Name: 125

      Event Type: State Change

      Owner: Patrol

      Life expectancy: Stored

      SNMP Support: No Trap

      Notification: requires AS_EVSlibSTDEVENTS;

      Save to File: AS_EVSevSTDEVENTS_CALL.psl

      Expert Advice: This is custom

      Description: %s


      Now I go to BII4p 7x, and I can see event class 125 so i just tick it and include it for forwarding, just like other event 9,11,39.


      Run below PSL command in the agent:


      %PSL event_trigger("STD","125","ALARM","3", "Testhere");


      I'm able to see the event in PEM.


      I check on BII4p log and able to see:


      DEBUG:8/15/2011 11:33:55 AM::120.89:Send message to Impact Manager. mc_ueid: <BII4Patrol/XX.XX.XX.XX/3181/1313379235/500>.

      DEBUG:8/15/2011 11:33:55 AM::120.89:Send message to Impact Manager. mc_ueid: <BII4Patrol/XX.XX.XX.XX/3181/1313379235/500>.


      *500 is the event id just created manually with event_trigger().


      However, in BEM I never see this 125 event coming in. but it's fine with event 11 and 39.


      The same thing happen when I trigger event with 9 or 10 or Result class, they never appear in BEM even tho BIII4p log said it's forwarded.


      What could be the problem here? Looks like I'm missing something. Could anyone advise here in case you have done it before?


      Jokes, suggestions and advises will be very appreciated.


      Thanks and Regards,