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    Info needed on SLM Measurement -Missed Goal

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      Hi Listers,



      SLM 7.5 patch 001

      Incident-7.5.01 patch 002


      I am trying to find how the SLM status is set to Missed Goal when the ticket is not Resolved within the due date time.

      From the Guides I read below


      An entry placed in SLM:EventSchedule executes when the SVTDueDate

      time is passed to set MeasurementStatus to “Missed Goal” to signify that the goal

      of the service target has not been satisfied. However, the Measurement record is not

      completed until the Stop Measuring condition is satisfied.


      As this is not trigerred by Modification in a form and just driven by the time -ie when the Current time is greater than the Due Date already set,I looked into the escalations on the SLM:Measurement and SLM:EventSchedule but I dont see anything that sets SLM status to Missed Goal




      But I could see a filter on SLM:EventSchedule



      This sets the Measurement Status on SLM:Measurement to MissedGoal

      But the Run If of the filter is as below

      ('SLA_Rule Event ID' = "REO - Set Missed Goal ID") AND ('SLA_Rule Event Occurred' = "Yes")


      I am not able to find how the SLA_Rule Event ID  is set to REO - Set Missed Goal ID.

      Can somebody please direct  me on how the 'SLA_Rule Event ID' is set.


      Thanks in Advance









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          Michael Conway

          Hi Lann,


          The 'SLA_Rule Event ID' on the Missed Goal event record in SLM:EventSchedule will have been set to "REO - Set Missed Goal ID" when the event record was created (See the second action in filter SLM:Measurement:MilestoneReqCreateEventScheduleEntryCALLGUIDE).  So all that is required to cause the SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushToMeasurementWhenSched filter to fire is a modification that sets 'SLA_Rule Event Occurred' = "Yes" on this record.


          That is done by the SLM:EventSchedule:TAD_PollingEscalation when the 'SLA_Time Scheduled' date/time in the SLM:EventSchedule record is <= TIMESTAMP, assuming the event is Active (i.e. Measurement is not Pending).


          Hope this helps!


          Cheers... Michael.

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            Hi Mike,

            Thanks much for the response.But still confusing

            I think the The SLM:Measurement:MilestoneReqCreateEventScheduleEntryCALLGUIDE -2nd filter action Push fields will Modify the records and not create.

            Because the Push Field if criteria checks whether the

            ('SLA_Rule Event ID' = "REO - Set Missed Goal ID")
            If No request match -create new record.Any match-Modify all
            But for my Incident  there is only one SVT attached and I see only one record in the SLM:Measurment,so I take the record is not created but modified.

            Correct me if I am wrong.



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              Michael Conway

              Hi Lann,


              When the SLM:Measurement record is 'started', the SLM:Measurement:MilestoneReqCreateEventScheduleEntryCALLGUIDE filter will create the Missed Goal event in SLM:EventSchedule (it won't exist since we have just started the measurement).  Once we have that Missed Goal event in SLM:EventSchedule, should the Due Date change (i.e. because we went into Pending and back out perhaps), this same filter action would update the SLA_Time Scheduled time (move it forward).


              Once we have an active Missed Goal event in SLM:EventSchedule, it will be checked by the SLM:EventSchedule:TAD_PollingEscalation every X minutes (this escalation tends to be configured to run every 5 minutes) and, when that SLA_Time Scheduled value becomes less than the current TIMESTAMP, the escalation performs it's Set-Fields action on that record... setting 'SLA_Rule Event Occurred' = "Yes".  This 'Modify' will cause the SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushFieldsToMeasurementWhenSched filter to fire which sets the 'MeasurementStatus' to "Missed Goal" on the SLM:Measurement record.


              So the sequence would be:-


              - You submit the Incident


              - The Incident matches one of your Service Targets and that Service Target's association filter creates a new SLM:Measurement record (as "Attached")


              - The related Service Targets are evaluated by the Data Source filters and, if the Incident matches the Start When condition on the Service Target, the MeasurementStatus is set to "In Process"


              - The SLM workflow will determine the Goal Time, Due Date etc. and then create the Warning and Missed Goal events in SLM:EventSchedule


              Here is an example of the Missed Goal event being created:-


              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:44:36.1442 */     <Filter Level:1 Number Of Filters:239> Checking "SLM:Measurement:MilestoneReqCreateEventScheduleEntryCALLGUIDE`!" (900)

              >    --> Passed -- perform actions

              >         0: Push Fields -> "SLM:EventSchedule"

              >         1: Push Fields -> "SLM:EventSchedule"

              >               SLA_Rule Event ID (400034800) = REO - Set Missed Goal ID

              >               SLA_Reference InstanceID (400030500) = SL0008742f6fa5Two5TgcCchAQSnRL

              >               SLA_Repeat Interval (400094400) = 0

              >               BRE_TAD Event Status (400079200) = 0

              >               SLA_Time Scheduled (400036200) = 03/08/11 09:47:35

              >               Display on Table (300659600) = 1

              >               SLMEventSchedule_SVTInstance ID (300528400) = SL0008742f6fa5mw0BTw8GqUBg4RaL

              >               SLA_Rule Event Occurrence_Action Title (300525700) = REO - Set Missed Goal Title

              >               SLMEventSchedule_SVTTitle (300535500) = LANN_EXAMPLE

              >               SLA_TADReferenceForm (400030900) = SLM:ServiceRequest

              >               ReferenceRequestID (301823900) = 000000001965449

              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:44:36.1658 */     Start filter processing (phase 1) -- Operation - CREATE on SLM:EventSchedule - <NULL>


              This Missed Goal event is due to be actioned at 03/08/11 09:47:35


              - The SLM:EventSchedule:TAD_PollingEscalation will check (every 5 minutes) for SLM:EventSchedule records that are ready to be actioned and, when 03/08/11 09:47:35 is less than the current TIMESTAMP, it will action our Missed Goal event (above).


              - The escalation will perform its Set-Fields action on this record:-


              >          0: Set Fields

              >               SLA_Rule Event Occurred (400028700) = 1


              ... and this will cause the "SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushFieldsToMeasurementWhenSched" filter to fire:-


              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:47:42.0273 */     <Filter Level:0 Number Of Filters:3> Checking "SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushFieldsToMeasurementWhenSched" (0)

              >    --> Passed -- perform actions

              >         0: Push Fields -> "SLM:Measurement"            

              >               <deferred to phase 2>

              >         1: Push Fields -> "SLM:TeamMeasurement"

              >               <deferred to phase 2>




              In phase 2 we see it setting the MeasurementStatus = 7 (Missed Goal):-


              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:47:42.0285 */     Restart of filter processing (phase 2) -- Operation - SET on SLM:EventSchedule - 000000000300121

              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:47:42.0287 */     <Filter Level:0 Number Of Filters:14> Checking "SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushFieldsToMeasurementWhenSched"

              >         0: Push Fields -> "SLM:Measurement"

              >               <deferred from filter SLM:EventSchedule:SetMissedGoal:PushFieldsToMeasurementWhenSched>

              >               MeasurementStatus (300365100) = 7

              >               MissGoalStartTime (301491900) = 03/08/11 09:47:35

              > /* Wed Aug 03 2011 09:47:42.0318 */     Start filter processing (phase 1) -- Operation - SET on SLM:Measurement - 000000001965449


              - The SLM:EventSchedule record will then be deleted.


              Anyway, I hope this explains things better.


              Cheers... Michael.

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                Hi Mike,


                ThankYou for the detailed explanation.Got it.



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                  Hey Mike, thank you so much for the detailed information regarding SLM measurement status.


                  Could you please help me to understand how it sets value of field SLM Real time status in Incidents. Actually we are facing issue with the value. There are 2 STs attached and both missed goals.. in this case status must be All service target breached, but it displays Service Targets breached. Could you please help me with this.

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                    Michael Conway

                    Hi Mital,


                    As of SLM 7.5/ITSM 7.5 and above, the 'SLM Status' essentially became a 'Worst Case Status' indicator.  It no longer uses 'All Service Targets Breached'.  If any measurement is breached it will show 'Service Targets Breached'... whether this is one or all.

                    In the SLM 7.5 Release Notes (page 19) there is some detailed information on how this indicator is handled and this is true in all versions since 7.5.


                    Hope this helps!


                    Cheers... Michael.

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                      Thank you! This is very much helpful Mike. Thank you once again

                      • 8. Re: Info needed on SLM Measurement -Missed Goal
                        Madalina Vasilica

                        Hello Michael,


                        We have an issue in SLM:Measurement because most of the SVT's appears as Missed Goal, Goalschedgoaltime is 0.00 and in some cases SVTDueDate is less than OverallStartTime.


                        Can you suggest some hints to discover the cause?


                        Thank you!