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    Macro. Suppress report error message when no matches




      I have a macro which runs 9 queries generating a report for each of them.


      Sometimes there are no matches and so I want to suppress the error messages popping up.


      For the query this works so my macro looks now like this:



      All Ticket Reports




      Set-schema: ...schema here...
      Query: ...query 1 here....
      Report: ...report 1 here...
      to-file: ...file location report 1...


      Query: ...query 2 here....
      Report: ...report 2 here...
      to-file: ...file location report 2...


      Query: ...query 3 here....
      Report: ...report 3 here...
      to-file: ...file location report 3...


      ...and so on...





      But still there will be error messages when the report is generated because it has nothing to report on.


      How can I suppress these messages too?


      I'm just a user. I have no access to the server.


      Query: ...query 1 here....

      Report: ...report 1 here...


      to-file: ...file location report 1...

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          No one any idea?


          Maybe "Active Links" are something I should look in to? But I can't find anythig about how to create them. I'm on Version 7.0.01 Patch 003


          I also can't read the documentation sometimes linked here as it would require me to log in and this account is not allowed.

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            I already didn't like Remedy very much, but the lack of support and freely available documentation makes it even more frustrating.

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              Dirk Anderson

              Just like any other SW vendor...if you have a support contract, help is only a call away. You can also submit help tickets via the BMC support site.

              All of BMC's product documentation is available at www.bmc.com/support where anyone can freely download.


              You have a very old product and I would suggest taking a look at the support policy located here: http://www.bmc.com/support/product-support-policy.html

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                I'm just one of the x-thousand users and so I doubt I can find out any support contract number in this huge company.


                None of the documentation I could find here tells me anything about macros except: You can't edit them. In fact one can as the examples in the forum show and there seems to be even some information available from others like the no-match-error that I found. There is nothing about that in the official documentation I found.

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                  Anne Brock

                  Hi, Skeeve-


                  I can understand it's frustrating to use a tool when your company hasn't gotten  you the level of training you need for what you want to do. But please don't blame the software or BMC for that!


                  While you can't get to the documentation on support, we do have the docs for older versions of the software available on this site, and macros haven't changed that much - here's the link to the 6.3 documentation - https://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-7077


                  You may want to try to find out who your Remedy administrator is so you can get assistance from them.


                  Along with the official documentation, there's information on this site; there is info on the arslist.org; many of our partners and people in the Remedy community have sites with useful information (thinking of Matt Reinfeldt as just one example); so when you say there isn't a lot of info out there, I'd have to respectfully disagree.


                  You mention active links - as the docs will reference, in order to do active links you would need access to the Administrator tool, and I'm pretty sure your company won't allow that; that is only used by the Remedy administrator. But editing macros, as you have found out, is definitely do-able; and in fact a couple old utilities are available on this very site - https://communities.bmc.com/communities/docs/DOC-2141  Armaced is the one to edit macros; there may be someone who has a link to a more recent version too.


                  Again, I totally understand your frustration - trying to do things in an enterprise software without adequate training is tough, whether it's Remedy, SAP, Peoplesoft, Siebel, or whatever. Best of luck in what you're doing; keep on using the resources available to you; and try to track down your Remedy administrator. Maybe you can put a help desk ticket in and your IT group can help you?



                  Anne Brock

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                    This company hires many externals. I'm one of them. I think they think it's enough that we can click buttons and enter information and read tickets. Anything beyond that is not required. Yes! That's not Remedy's fault. And maybe even the illogic in the tool is not Remedy's fault, but  that of the developer of the forms. And the slowlieness is also the fault of the implementors I guess. But this all adds to the level of frustration.


                    Anyway. Enough lament.


                    Thanks for linking me to armaced. A really old tool But as long as it works...


                    Unfortunately it does not go beyond what I found at http://www.soton.ac.uk/~_remedy/armaced.html so the answer to my initial question seems to be: This does not work with macros alone.


                    And thnks for confirming that Active Links are nothing I can use as long as I'm not administrator.


                    I will try and hunt one down. I read of runmacro.exe which seems to be a tool which could be helpful.